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Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the
completion of their latest article on the key
benefits of business analytics in the business world

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Top 5 Reasons Behind Growing Importance of Business Analytics in the Digital Age. (Graphic: Business ...

Top 5 Reasons Behind Growing Importance of Business Analytics in the Digital Age. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Healthcare professionals are concerned about many things, such as - if
there are enough measures available that must be taken in case of flu?
Or are the patients operated yesterday likely to get infected? How can
hiring staffs and providing facilities be done in a profitable manner?
These questions can be answered precisely using advanced analytics,
which, in turn, can help reduce health care costs.

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Business analytics is a mixture of technology and business that takes a
data-driven approach using data modeling and statistics to help in
developing new business insights. Today, the need for such analytics has
manifolded because it offers an opportunity for the methodical
exploration of data of any company with its focus on analysis through
statistics. As an entrepreneur or an investor, it is very imperative for
you to understand what is ahead and where are you driving yourself.
There should be sufficient data available to support your visions and
goals for your organization.

According to the analytics experts at Quantzig,
"The importance of business analytics is highlighted by the
fact that it helps you make investments when the return of investment
seems good and refrains you from investing when the market is not

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Key benefits of business analytics in the
business world

  • Business analytics helps in cost control: There are two crucial
    factors behind the failure of businesses, one is poor financial
    management and the other is bad planning. Business analytics helps in
    refurbishing the current plan for business and in formulating a proper
    strategy, planning, and strong financial management for the growth of
    the business. The benefits of business analytics are realized when it
    lays foundations to evaluate the flow of cash, borrowing, working
    capital, growth and cash base.
  • Quick and wise decision making: Quick decision making is
    critical to gain a robust foothold in the market. Its capacity to
    understand and forecast the upcoming market challenges communicates
    the need for business analytics. Business analytics helps crack the
    factors that pull back the business and, therefore, suggests
    strategies to boost growth. Get
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  • Analyzing competitor wisely: Competitor analysis is useful and
    advisable for all the businesses to succeed. It includes many steps
    like recognizing competitors, deciphering their goals, their
    strategies, measuring their strengths and weaknesses, finding their
    challenges, and finally whom to target and whom not to.
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    business analytics in the business world.

is a pure-play analytics advisory firm concentrated on leveraging
analytics for prudent decision making and offering solutions to clients
across several industrial sectors.

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