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SentinelOne Partners with Arete Advisors to Provide Global Proactive and Reactive Incident Response Services


Partnership Enables Arete Advisors Elite Incident Response Teams and
SentinelOne Software, A.I., and Intelligence Product Teams to Develop
Integrated, Intelligent, Technology-Enabled Services

the autonomous endpoint protection company, has partnered with Arete
, a trusted elite global group of cybersecurity experts who
provide proactive and reactive incident response and digital
investigation services. Through this partnership Arete will provide
SentinelOne's Endpoint Protection Platform services that help clients
prepare for, and respond to, evolving cyber-attacks.

"The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses everywhere
are waking up to the fact that regardless of their size, industry or
location, they will be targeted by cyber attackers," said Tomer
Weingarten, CEO, SentinelOne. "This partnership further highlights our
commitment to help our customers plan for security incidents before they
happen and provide the expertise they need when they do occur."

In today's world, it is not a matter of if you will be the target of a
cyber-attack, it's a matter of when. Taking a proactive approach to
cyber and risk management strategy is essential to building and
maintaining secure, vigilant, resilient organizations. By combining
SentinelOne's AI-driven endpoint protection, capable of preventing,
detecting, and responding to attacks across all major vectors, with
Arete's incident response services including, but not limited to, onsite
or remote requirement analysis, incident response hotline access and
support services and more, customers have access to two best-in-breed
resources enabling them to overcome today's most prominent cyber threats
and subsequent impact on the enterprise.

"Our elite team of cybersecurity and digital forensic experts have
decades of experience, have managed more than 3,500 proactive and
reactive incident response programs worldwide and are frequently asked
to provide expert opinions related to data breaches to global courts,
and governments," said Jim Jaeger President of Arete Advisors. "We
believe that SentinelOne's Endpoint Protection Platform is the most
significant step forward in a new era of Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning enabled forensics endpoint software available to date.
Coupled with our teams experience, together, we will be a force to
reckoned with."

For more information about this announcement:
-Visit SentinelOne's
booth at Black Hat, #212, for joint SentinelOne-Arete partnership
presentations on Wednesday, August 8th and Thursday, August 9th.
about SentinelOne's Black Hat presence here.

About SentinelOne
SentinelOne delivers autonomous endpoint
protection through a single agent that successfully prevents, detects
and responds to attacks across all major vectors. Designed for extreme
ease of use, the S1 platform saves customers time by applying AI to
automatically eliminate threats in real time for both on-premise and
cloud environments and is the only solution to provide full visibility
across networks directly from the endpoint. To learn more visit
or follow us at @SentinelOne,
on LinkedIn
or Facebook.

About Arete Advisors Inc.
Arete Advisors partners with
clients to reduce the burden of preparing for, detecting, and responding
to cyber-attacks. Arete Advisors elite team of cybersecurity experts
have created unparalleled capabilities to address the entire cyber
incident life cycle, from incident response readiness assessments to
post-incident remediation. Our core skills include triage, digital
forensics, malware reverse engineering, remediation, and testifying
expertise. Arete works with your organization to provide highly
customized advice specific to your business size and industry. Arete's
advisory services provide legally defensible, compliant cyber strategies
that assist the C-Suite and Boards of Directors to continuously improve
the organizations' cyber posture.

Engaging Arete's team of experts gives your organization the confidence
to respond to a data breach with access to the world's leading
cybersecurity professionals – anywhere in the world – within hours. For
more information, visit
or follow us on LinkedIn
or Twitter.

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