Market Overview

Nehemiah Security's RQ Delivers 360-Degree View of Cyber Risk


Upgrades Trace Computed Loss Exposures Directly to Endpoints and
Areas of Impact

, an internationally recognized supplier of cybersecurity
software and services to enterprise and government organizations, today
announced the addition of traceability to RQ, Nehemiah's automated cyber
risk platform. This feature makes it possible to trace computed
potential losses down to IT exposures. Equipped with RQ, security teams
can know all angles of their cyber risk, including the kinds of attacks
that could compromise their network, the calculated business impacts,
and the vulnerable assets.

The RQ platform is engineered to integrate an organization's security
processes with their business priorities. Like other areas of risk,
executive boards know they have options for dealing with cyber risk:
avoidance, acceptance, mitigation, or transference. RQ allows security
and business leaders to measure cyber risks in financial terms, and with
new traceability features, leverage RQ to confidently strategize risk
management options.

"Cyber risk is a business function that is realized at a technical
level. When a business incurs a financial impact due to a cyberattack,
that impact is realized on a physical machine – a laptop, server,
database, or other endpoint," said Jerry Caponera, VP Cyber Risk
Strategy, Nehemiah Security. "The market is talking a lot about
quantifying cyber risk, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. The
true significance of measuring cyber risks is facilitating action. By
helping organizations operationalize their cyber risk intelligence, we
accelerate the industry transition from reactive security to proactive

Quantifying risk starts with leveraging available data on a company's
business processes and the underlying IT infrastructure to map out the
entire environment and establish traceability. Then, RQ analyzes all
probable attack paths, models the probability of exposure for business
assets, and computes loss over time. Traceability between computed
losses and impacted endpoints is visualized in reports generated for
business stakeholders. The result is a holistic, 360-degree view of an
organization's cyber risk posture with financially-quantified outputs
that can be traced directly to areas of impact and mitigated based on
informed decision making.

Organizations that want to manage their cyber risks based on the
financial impact to the business are using RQ to continuously monitor
and visualize the ties between their business assets and technical
exposures. Reports are generated daily, weekly or quarterly to empower
informed decision-making in the board room. By providing a complete view
of cyber risk in an automated fashion, Nehemiah is pioneering risk
management and operationalizing security metrics in the business.

About Nehemiah Security

Nehemiah Security believes that managing risk should be handled the same
in Cybersecurity as it is in other core business functions like
Accounting, HR, and Supply Chain. Nehemiah's mission is to empower
security leaders to integrate their operations into the suite of
functions corporations monitor and invest in every day. Nehemiah
Security works with enterprises around the world to elevate the security
conversation and answer the question, "How does cyber risk impact my
business?" For more information on Nehemiah's cyber risk analytics,
please visit

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