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The Standard Offers Clients Indexed Crediting Choices With New Annuity Design


Enhanced Index Select Annuity includes a variety of options for
interest crediting and surrender charge periods to meet the needs of a
wider array of buyers

Insurance Company
(The Standard) today announced the launch of its
enhanced Index Select Annuity, a single-premium, deferred index annuity
that credits interest based on the performance of the S&P 500 index.

The Standard's Index Select Annuity offers clients a choice of surrender
charge periods, including five-, seven- and 10-year options. Clients can
also select their preferred interest crediting strategy, as the product
can include rate cap, participation rate or fixed interest crediting.

"The participation rate crediting option is a change for us, as we
wanted to offer clients the choice to purchase the type of accumulation
strategy that best meets their needs," said Chris Conklin, vice
president of Individual Annuities at The Standard. "Clients like the
idea of not having a limit on the amount of interest crediting they
could receive each year and want the potential to earn interest based on
the growth of the S&P 500 index."

Tying the annuity's performance to the S&P 500 allows purchasers to
benefit from increases in the index while being protected from market
downturns. This can be especially helpful for clients who select the
participation rate interest crediting option, as it won't limit the
amount they're credited at the end of each year.

"Most consumers know and understand the S&P 500 index based on how
widely it is reported on each day," said Conklin. "That transparency for
clients is important to us, as they can better understand how their
annuity's value is growing. With so many complex annuity designs
currently in the market, we created our enhanced Index Select Annuity to
offer consumers a simple and understandable way to grow and protect
their assets."

In addition, Index Select Annuity 5 is available for purchase by
individuals up to 93 years old — one of the highest issue ages available
on the market today. Often, annuity owners wishing to switch companies
find that few annuity products are available as they grow older, as many
annuity companies have no product offerings for those above age 90 —
many of which even limit issue ages at age 85. The Standard's enhanced
offering provides a sound option for older clients who are looking for a
safe place for their money.

About The Standard

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The Standard is the marketing name for the subsidiaries of StanCorp
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