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Application Security Market Category Co-founder Joseph Feiman Joins WhiteHat Security as Chief Strategy Officer


, the leading application security provider, today announced
that Joseph Feiman, former Gartner research vice president and fellow
and co-founder of the application security market category, has been
named chief strategy officer. Reporting to CEO Craig Hinkley, Mr. Feiman
is responsible for WhiteHat's overarching business strategy and vision,
to further its success in empowering secure development and operations.

Mr. Feiman joins WhiteHat with 18 years of experience at Gartner, where
he co-founded the application security market category and defined
nearly all of the terms used in the space. During his tenure, he served
as a trusted resource for security executives and professionals across
the globe. Prior to joining WhiteHat Security, he was chief innovation
officer at Veracode, helping to bring the company to its culmination,
when it was acquired by CA Technologies.

Having followed WhiteHat's evolution since 2006, Mr. Feiman was drawn to
its comprehensive suite of technologies that bridges the gap between
security, development and operations teams, to deliver secure

"Applications are the crown jewels of all organizations. They run all of
our business and social lives. Yet, application security is still often
overlooked in both the development and operation stages," said Mr.

He continued, "WhiteHat is one of the few players in the market that
empowers DevSecOps and contributes to the high security of applications.
The best vendors must offer multiple technologies and deliver them as a
service, hardening application defenses and making testing quick and
seamless over the internet. This is precisely what WhiteHat delivers. I
have watched the company grow over the last 12 years, and I look forward
to building on its success."

"We are proud to welcome Joseph, who originated the very market we
thrive in, to WhiteHat," said CEO Craig Hinkley. "Joseph knows market
challenges and what is needed to mitigate them, inside and out.
Therefore, his decision to join our team is a testament to all we've
worked towards. With his expertise, we are in an ideal position to reach
more businesses in need than ever."

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