Market Overview

HealthMyne Raises $15 Million in Series B Round to Expand Commercialization Efforts


New Investment Fuels Company Mission to Bring Quantitative Imaging
Decision Support (QIDS)® Platform to Hospitals Worldwide

HealthMyne, the first company to bring multiple enhanced clinical
decision support (CDS) workflow modules to Radiology and the Oncology
care continuum in a single platform, raised a $15 Million Series B round
to expand its global commercialization efforts. Ascension Ventures led
the round, with participation from existing institutional backers
Venture Investors, 4490 Ventures, and WARF.

HealthMyne's proprietary algorithms automate the extraction of
quantitative imaging metrics at the Point-of-Read, greatly reducing
inter- and intra-reader variability and making evidence-based metrics
including volume, density, mass, doubling-times, heterogeneity and
others available at the Point-of-Care. These volumetric measurements are
combined with clinical information from the EMR, PACS, Radiation Therapy
and other systems to drive transformed CDS workflow modules (Cancer
Screening, Tumor Board Management, Clinical Trials/Therapy Response
Assessment, Incidental Findings, Thoracic Specialty, others), actionable
quantitative reports, and an integrated imaging and clinical
patient-centric dashboard to impact daily patient management decisions.

Arvind Subramanian, President & CEO of HealthMyne states, "The QIDS
platform drives collaboration between the Point-of-Read and
Point-of-Care by providing the multidisciplinary care team with
intuitive, workflow-integrated software that leverages imaging and
clinical data to enhance the quality and cost of care. The CDS modules
in the platform significantly automate and streamline inefficient and
cost-intensive clinical processes to allow busy clinicians to focus
their energies on optimizing patient management decisions that make a
real impact on patients' lives."

"Imaging data offers a tool that's been significantly underleveraged for
care and disease management," added John Kuelper, Investment Director at
Ascension Ventures. "Only a fraction of the available structural
information is actually captured in the radiology report and made
available to care teams. A rapidly growing pool of radiomics research
has the potential to add this quantitative data to better predict
disease progression and therapy response, but technical and workflow
challenges have prevented community providers from implementing this
technology in clinical care. The HealthMyne platform offers a technical
infrastructure capable of consistently capturing data at scale and a CDS
Point-of-Care application suite that makes this information actionable
for specialists, care managers, and researchers."

Subramanian continued, "There is exceptional interest in the market for
an integrated platform that can solve multiple high-impact problems in
the diagnosis and treatment of patients across the healthcare
enterprise. We are currently making that breakthrough in Oncology, but
our roadmap includes expansion into other major clinical specialties
over time. Ascension Ventures' investment is great validation that
community health systems are looking for ways to get more clinical yield
out of their imaging and CDS investments and partnerships."

About HealthMyne

HealthMyne, Inc. (HM; Madison, WI) is focused on delivering Quantitative
Imaging Decision Support (QIDS®) for Radiology and Oncology to
U.S.-based multi-hospital systems with expansion to non-U.S. markets and
other clinical specialties over time. The company's FDA-cleared software
platform's novel Rapid Precise Metrics (RPM)algorithms
deliver Point-of-Read image-derived curated metrics integrated with
other clinical systems data (e.g. PACS, EMR, RT) into multiple
Point-of-Care workflow modules to ensure timely clinical decision
support (CDS) and precise patient management. The QIDS platform provides
actionable, patient-centric reports and an integrated clinical and
imaging dashboard to optimize collaboration among the multidisciplinary
care team. Additionally, the platform's discoverable database supports
data mining and AI-based application development for Precision
Medicine/Big Data initiatives and for innovative clinical,
translational, and commercial research by both medical centers and
pharmaceutical/biotech companies

About Ascension Ventures

Ascension Ventures (
is a strategic healthcare investment firm with four funds and more than
$800 million in capital under management. The firm was launched in 2001
by Ascension, the nation's largest Catholic and non-profit health
system, and today invests on behalf of thirteen of the nation's leading
community health systems. These health system limited partners
collectively operate 474 hospitals, have 578,000 employees and generate
$88 billion in annual revenue. AV collaborates with these partners to
identify, invest in, and support strategically aligned private companies
that are transforming the healthcare industry and enhancing the
experience for patients, their families, and caregivers.

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