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Vocera and Qventus Partner to Provide Real-Time Operations Management Solution


Artificial intelligence improves clinical and operational workflows

Communications, Inc.
(NYSE:VCRA), a recognized leader in clinical
communication and workflow solutions, announced it is partnering with
Qventus, an AI-based software technology company that helps health
systems run more efficiently. Interoperability between Vocera and
Qventus technologies enables immediate action and collaboration on the
frontlines of hospitals across the country. Together, the two companies
empower care teams with real-time situational awareness to quickly
mobilize the right people and resources, thereby improving workflow,
patient safety, and provider satisfaction.

Using data from clinical and operational systems, Qventus can evaluate
patient volumes, wait times, availability of clinicians, changes in
surgery times, and other operational information to predict delays with
patient admissions, treatments, and care transitions. If a potential
bottleneck in workflow is detected, Qventus sends an alert, or "nudge,"
via the Vocera platform that prescribes course corrections to specific
care team members depending on the situation. The Vocera Platform
combines this information with rich context about patients and care team
members, and intelligently routes actionable nudges to the people who
need them most on their hands-free Vocera Badge, smartphone app,
workstation, or other device of choice.

"Operational complexity in hospitals and health systems is only
increasing, which is why excellence depends on connecting and empowering
teams to proactively anticipate issues and course correct before they
occur," said Mudit Garg, founder and CEO of Qventus. "Together with
Vocera, we're arming frontline staff with the critical actions that
matter most."

Decision science and machine learning enable Qventus to assess
historical and real-time data to predict patient flow and safety risks.
When a risk is identified, a nudge is automatically sent with contextual
recommendations to the most appropriate care team member.

"Our partnership with Qventus has been critically important in helping
us achieve positive patient outcomes through the development of new
technologies, such as the fall alert program," said MedStar Montgomery
Medical Center President Thomas J. Senker. "Additionally, MedStar
utilizes Vocera technology to enhance daily communication between
clinical staff and patients. Through this collaboration, we are bringing
together artificial intelligence and communication technology to enhance
the overall patient experience."

MedStar has seen a significant reduction in patient falls and falls with
injuries after integrating the Qventus and Vocera solutions. In June
2018, the hospital reported a 13.5% reduction in cumulative fall rates.
The successful falls prevention program inspired the MedStar team to
expand the integration to a patient experience initiative focused on
evaluating and improving nurse call response times.

There is great potential at MedStar and at other hospitals willing to
accelerate change and transform clinical and operational workflows. Both
the Qventus and Vocera solutions have helped hospitals decrease the
rates at which patients leave without being seen in the emergency
department. They have also helped increase on-time surgical procedures
and elevate patient satisfaction scores, all of which impact financial

"It is an exciting time in healthcare with endless opportunities for
artificial intelligence and machine learning," said Brent Lang,
president and CEO of Vocera. "The most advanced technology solutions are
coming together at the right time to help hospital and health system
leaders redesign the future of healthcare to deliver safer, more
affordable care to patients."

About Qventus

Qventus' mission is to simplify how healthcare operates so it just works
-- for everyone. The company offers an AI-based software platform that
helps hospital teams make better operational decisions in real-time,
with positive impacts on financial performance and patient experience.
Qventus addresses operational challenges across the hospital including
emergency departments, perioperative areas, patient safety, inpatient,
outpatient and pharmacy. Located in Silicon Valley, Qventus is honored
to be working with leading public, academic and community hospitals
across the United States. Qventus was named among Fast Company's Most
Innovative Companies for 2018. The company has also been recognized as a
leader and innovator in operational excellence, with the 2016 Fierce
Innovations Award in Healthcare and Healthcare Informatics 2017
Innovator Award. For more information about Qventus, please visit

About Vocera

The mission of Vocera Communications, Inc. is to simplify and improve
the lives of healthcare professionals and patients, while enabling
hospitals to enhance quality of care and operational efficiency. In
2000, when the company was founded, we began to forever change the way
care teams communicate. Today, Vocera continues to offer the leading
platform for clinical communication and workflow. More than 1,700
facilities worldwide, including nearly 1,500 hospitals and healthcare
facilities, have selected our solutions for team members to text
securely using smartphones or make calls with our hands-free, wearable
Vocera Badge. Interoperability between Vocera and more than 140 clinical
and operational systems helps reduce alarm fatigue, speed up staff
response times, and improve patient care, safety and experience. In
addition to healthcare, Vocera is at home in luxury hotels, aged care
facilities, nuclear facilities, libraries, retail stores and more.
Vocera makes a difference in any industry where workers are on the move
and need to connect instantly with team members and access resources or
information quickly. In 2017, Vocera made the list of Forbes 100 Most
Trustworthy Companies in America. Learn more at,
and follow @VoceraComm on Twitter.

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