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Interest in Handling More Complex Questions Among Customer Service Agents Rises 29% From a Year Ago as Agents See Opportunities as AI Expands in Customer Service

  • 68 percent of customer service agents feel more
    satisfied/committed to their jobs when they handle more complex
    questions/tasks and chatbots handle easier questions
  • Third Phase of Aspect Software's Agent Experience Index survey
    shows agent enthusiasm around multiple AI and Intelligent Assistant
    applications in the contact center
  • Over half (52%) of agents are interested in using chatbots to
    manage their schedules,
    up 27 percent from 2017

Customer service agents are increasingly optimistic about working with
and alongside chatbots in the contact center and see big potential to
improve their skills and advance their careers, according to the final
phase of the 2018 Aspect Software Agent Experience Index survey.
Sixty-seven percent of all agents, and 73 percent of Young
Millennial/GenZ agents (age 18-24) said if AI were to handle simple
customer questions and tasks, and leave agents with the more complex
queries, they will have a greater opportunity to shine for management, a
nearly 10 percent increase from 2017. Seventy-one percent said handling
more complex questions will enable them to provide a more personalized
customer experience.

Chatbots for workforce tasks

In addition to working with chatbots, agents also see
opportunities if chatbots work for them. Eighty percent of agents
said that easy access to their schedules, requests for new shifts, or
time off is important but only 52 percent said this easy access was
fully available to them. Chatbots may be the answer. Over half (52%) of
agents are interested in using chatbots to manage and monitor their
schedule, up 27 percent from 2017. Females showed an even stronger
interest than males (57 percent vs. 46 percent). Additionally, 65
percent of agents said they prefer self-service contact with management
versus speaking with them directly, an application perfectly suited for
an AI-based application.

Chatbots to improve agent engagement

While the majority (83%) of agents indicated that the ability to move up
in the organization is an important factor to their satisfaction, only
58 percent said their employer provides this opportunity. AI can change
this. Over two-thirds (68%) of agents say handling more complex
questions will make the feel more satisfied and committed to their jobs
while three quarters (76%) said it will make them feel like they are
making more of an impact.

"Agent satisfaction is directly related to customer satisfaction and our
survey findings reveal some key insights into exactly what factors are
keeping agents engaged. Old, antiquated workforce systems don't address
the interaction and work life preferences of the new generation of
agents," said Chrissy Cowell, Director Product Management, Aspect
Software. "These employees want the scheduling and interaction
technologies that are common in their consumer lives, to be available in
their work lives as well so they are comfortable letting chatbots handle
simple queries enabling them to take on additional responsibilities.
Chatbots in the contact center are a win for agents, a win for
management and a win for customers."

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