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Video AI Pioneer VMAXX, Inc. Announces Company Rebrand to Deep North


The new brand reinforces the company's investment in redefining video
artificial intelligence and deep learning for retailers, enterprises,
and public organizations to turn AI insights into measurable value

VMAXX, Inc., a pioneer in Video Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep
Learning, today announced the business' rebrand to Deep
. The new corporate name elevates the focus on the company's
vision and strategy in the artificial intelligent market, and includes a
new logo, positioning, and website.

Deep North, a startup based in Silicon Valley with offices in China and
Sweden, has a robust heritage in computer vision and video analytics,
enabling the company to build proprietary expertise in object
recognition, environment detection and analysis. Deep North's platform
provides intelligent customer insights through clients' existing video
camera footage to help businesses better understand their visitors'
preferences, emotions, actions, and reactions during the customer
journey in virtually any physical setting across a variety of markets,
including retailers, grocers, shopping malls, buildings, and events.
Through advanced object recognition, the platform helps enterprises
resolve organizational bottlenecks and creates a better customer
experience overall by capturing and delivering data points that were
previously impossible to attain.

"Today, new developments in AI, machine learning, video analytics, and
computer vision are unleashing actionable insights from human behavior
in the physical world, allowing organizations to gather data that could
previously only be captured through online analytics. The result is a
better understanding of their customers, visitors and shoppers across a
variety of real world environments," said Michael Adair, Deep North
President and CEO. "The leadership team took this opportunity to rethink
not just our name, but our entire brand and value proposition. Deep
North is proud to offer a platform that is as rapid to deploy as it is
powerful and cost-effective, facilitating more predictable and
profitable decision-making."

The new branding further enables the company to distinguish itself
within the expansive AI and machine learning sector. Enterprises across
a range of markets will enjoy the ease-of-use of Deep North's adaptive,
AI-deployed technology, along with the insights gained from the video
streams that enables real-time decision-making that enhances
profitability, efficiency and safety. The Company's hardware-agnostic
solution supports a wide variety of camera configurations, and can
rapidly be deployed with minimal installation costs.

Deep North is led by Adair; Rohan Sanil, Co-Founder and SVP of Products;
and Dr. Jinjun Wang, Co-Founder and CTO. An entrepreneur with over 25
years of experience in technology and media industries, Adair previously
served in a multitude of cross-functional leadership positions at
companies like Google, Rubicon Project and Pubmatic. Sanil is a 20-year
veteran of developing and launching products in the video technology
space, having founded startups such as Akira Media Systems, Atstream
Networks and Tri-Cad and previously serving in leadership roles at
MetricStream and Cambridge Solutions. Dr. Wang is the inventor behind
Deep North's deep learning technology and is an internationally
acclaimed inventor, researcher and scientist with considerable
experience in multimedia signal processing, pattern recognition,
computer vision and video. To learn more about the Company's full roster
of leaders and advisors, click here.

to explore the new website and learn more about the company's AI-based
video analytics platform and the features offered, as well as the
industry sectors it serves.

About Deep North
Deep North is
a pioneer in Video AI and Deep Learning, focused on providing insights
for the physical world that previously could only be captured online.
Its patent-pending platform utilizes advanced and highly accurate object
recognition to turn simple video feeds into powerful, actionable, and
predictable analytics about the customer journey such as demographics,
gestures, emotions, product interaction, traffic patterns, optimal
utilization, customer service and more. Deep North solutions are
designed to help retailers, shopping malls, grocers, and building
managers improve real-time decision-making to enhance profitability,
efficiency and safety. Based in Silicon Valley with offices in Sweden
and China, Deep North counts some of the world's largest and most
innovative retailers among its clients. For more, visit

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