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NED Biosystems Raises $2 Million in Series B Financing Round and Appoints New CEO


Company Announces New Members to Scientific Advisory Board
Nobel Laureate Dudley Herschbach, Ph.D.

NED Biosystems, a clinical-stage biotech company developing a unique
oral oncologic combination treatment that simultaneously attacks 5
cancer-driving processes, today announced it has raised over $2 million
toward its Series B round of financing which includes funding from new
and existing company investors. Significant investors in this round
include Benjamin Griswold IV, Chairman of Brown Advisory, an independent
Baltimore-based investment firm. The funds raised to date will allow the
company to initiate a Phase 2 clinical trial by early 2019 of NED-170,
an investigational, oral combination therapy dosed daily, for both rare
and common cancers.

"NED-170's multi-pathway, chronic treatment strategy represents an
innovative approach to treating many cancers," said Marsha A. Moses,
Ph.D., the Julia Dyckman Andrus Professor at Harvard Medical School.
"Based on the company's provocative early data, NED-170 merits
evaluation in the rigorous clinical program the company is initiating."

The funding brings NED Biosystems closer to achieving key development,
clinical, regulatory, and early commercialization milestones. The
company is actively seeking to raise the additional funds necessary to
close out the Series B round to help fulfill its mission of longer
survival with high quality of life for late-stage cancer patients.

"There's a great need for therapies that not only extend life but also
improve the quality of a patient's life," said Robert S. Kerbel, Ph.D.,
Professor and Senior Scientist at the University of Toronto Sunnybrook
Health Sciences Centre and member of NED's Scientific Advisory Board.
"NED's focus on patient quality of life as well as extended survival is
a critical aspect of their enabling technology for treating cancer."

Separately, NED Biosystems has announced that the Company appointed Marc
Blaustein as Chief Executive Officer and has expanded its Scientific
Advisory Board. Members of the Board include Nobel Laureate Dudley
Herschbach, Ph.D.; Marsha Moses, Ph.D., the Julia Dyckman Andrus
Professor at Harvard Medical School; Robert S. Kerbel, Ph.D., a leader
in translational research of metronomic chemotherapy, immunotherapy and
antiangiogenic therapy; Judith Karp, M.D., an expert in experimental
therapeutics for acute leukemias; Geoffrey Ling, M.D., Ph.D., Col.
(Ret), founding Director of DARPA Biotechnologies Office; and NED's
Chief Medical Officer Edward Garmey, M.D., an expert in oncology drug

"Our ability to attract these talented and accomplished professionals
speaks to the potential clinical and commercial value of NED-170," said
Rebecca Lambert, Founder and Chairman of the Board of NED Biosystems.
"Marc, who has already made significant contributions to our company
since his appointment, and our expanding Scientific Advisory Board are
tremendous assets to support the company's continued growth and the
development of NED-170, our lead combination therapy."

Mr. Blaustein, CFA, has been serving as CEO of NED Biosystems since
November 2017. Prior to joining the Company, he was co-founder and CEO
of Akashi Therapeutics, where he led the company through construction of
a multi-product portfolio, generation of clinical data, and
establishment of a strategic pharmaceutical partnership, and previously
held leadership roles at Dyax Corp. (now Shire), Alkermes, Inc. and at
the genomics business unit at Genetics Institute (now Pfizer).

Mr. Blaustein has more than 20 years of biopharma executive leadership
experience and received a B.A. in Biology from the University of
Pennsylvania and a Master's Degree in Public Policy and Management from
Harvard University.

NED-170 is a 7-component regimen of oral compounds to target five
essential physiological processes that drive all late stage (stages
II-IV) cancer. There remains a significant need for an alternative
approach to cancer treatment with improved outcomes and patient quality
of life. The 28 new solid tumor oncology drugs in the past 5 years have
provided an average survival advantage of only 5.4 months1,
often with serious side effects.

Because NED-170 seeks to avoid the customary toxicity and side effects
of today's typical cancer treatments, it offers the potential for longer
survival with high quality of life for late-stage patients. Given the
extensive history of the individual NED-170 components and the research
and data on the combination therapy generated by NED Biosystems, the FDA
has agreed to an abbreviated regulatory approval path known as 505(b)2
for NED-170.

About NED BiosystemsTM

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NED Biosystems is a clinical-stage
biotech company developing an innovative oral cancer combination
treatment. NED Biosystems was founded by Rebecca Lambert, who assembled
a team of leading cancer researchers from across the country to develop
a drug that simultaneously attacks the key processes that drive cancer
survival and growth. Due to ease of oral dosing and cost-effectiveness
of the treatment, the company aims to provide revolutionary, effective
treatment solutions to patients not only here in the US, but also in the
developing world. Visit

1 U.S. Food & Drug Administration. 2017 New Drug Therapy
Approvals: Advancing Health Through Innovation. January 2018.

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