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How can numbers define the course of our lives and finding ways to improve our communication, are a few of the issues addressed in the August dMENTE Positivo, Ismael Cala's acclaimed podcast


How can numbers define the course of our lives and finding ways to improve our communication, are a few of the issues addressed in the August dMENTE Positivo, Ismael Cala's acclaimed podcast

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MIAMI, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ismael Cala, life and business strategist, lecturer and author of eight bestsellers focused on leadership and emotional intelligence, is introducing four new programs in his August's podcast dMENTE Positivo, a space dedicated to awake our consciousness and manifest personal growth.

August will bring about programs with excelling guests and themes:

  • Tuesday, August 7thClaudia Sánchez, expert in numerology and Mexican influencer.

After his participation in the Master MOI event in Mexico, Cala amused himself interviewing a variety of interesting people, among them, Claudia Sánchez, who unveils techniques on how to achieve a positive gain from numbers.

Claudia Sánchez' three keys are:

- Numbers are the Universal Language! 
- Numbers can help us achieve greater awareness of our behavior. 
- Our belief system, that we grew up with, has key impact in maximizing or minimizing the characteristics that are sealed by our date of birth. 

  • Tuesday, August 14thJeison Aristizábal is an amazing 34-year-old Colombian, born with cerebral paralysis, and today he is an attorney and lecturer. 

How do we define intuition? Might it be taken as something esoteric or paranormal? Might it simply be a response from our inner being to help us face uncertainty? This is the story of a young man who overcame great challenges and was never let down by his physical limitations.   

Jeison's keys are:

- We must persevere and make our best effort each day! 
- We have everything we need to be happy. 
- Dreaming is worthwhile!

  • Tuesday, August 21: Glenda Umaña, a well-known Costa Rican journalist, former announcer on CNN en Español. Currently a lecturer and mediator.

We have come to realize the importance of being yourself as a business, but not in a commercial aspect; but as a journey of self-discovery and self-esteem. Umaña shares about how changing her job scenario led her to understanding the importance of bringing cycles to a close in a healthy way.

Glenda's three keys are:

- Free yourself from any nostalgic thought tied to the past, no matter how great it may have been.   
- Uncertainty is a part of life. 
- When you are not sure on how to approach a certain task or feel insecure about performing it, allow yourself to model someone who can easily do it.  

  • Tuesday, August 28: Marcelo Borlando, an anti-publicist, brand coach strategist and author of the IdolBrand® Star Model.

This world is gravely affected by a profound lack of knowledge about communication. It has been proven that most successful people have the greatest abilities to communicate, and their lives flow easiest.  

Marcelo's three keys are: 

- Each one of us is a personal brand. 
- Reflect on this: are you a piece, or are you the game?  
- Your strength is in your uniqueness.

Ismael Cala and his assistants —Lorena Susso and Moe Morales— will be brimming with information and advice, offering four programs in August .

The podcast is distributed free of charge by the reVolver platform:

It's also available for download on ApplePodcastGoogle Play and Spotify.


A life and business strategist, for five and a half years Ismael Cala was the host of CALA during prime time on CNN en Español. Businessman, social entrepreneur. Author of eight bestsellers on themes of leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development, including El poder de escuchar ('The power of listening'), and Despierta con Cala ('Wake up with Cala'); Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1969, and holds a degree in Art History from Oriente University. He is the co-author of the book "Beat the Curve," with Brian Tracy. He graduated from the School of Communication at York University in Toronto, and has a diploma from Seneca College in Television Production. He is President and founder of the Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Ismael Cala Foundation.


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