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ULedger, Inc. Launches Reg. D 506 (c) Funding Campaign in Two Stages


ULedger, Inc. Launches Reg. D 506 (c) Funding Campaign in Two Stages

The company is offering both equity and security tokens (ULDS), with a minimum investment of $25,000.

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BOISE, Idaho, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ULedger, Inc. announced last week that its first funding stage utilizing Reg. D 506 (c) to raise up to $48 million from accredited investors is now in progress. The company is offering both equity and security tokens (ULDS), with a minimum investment of $25,000.

"We are raising capital because this is a fast-moving space and we need to hire talent, proceed down our product development roadmap and continue to grow our company through marketing and sales," ULedger co-founder and CEO Josh McIver. "ULedger is unique in that we have a working blockchain product, IP, and customers. As a result, there has been steady interest in our project from investors."

During the first stage of funding only, ULedger is offering 15% of the company in the form of common equity. Additionally, ULDS tokens are being offered at $0.50 per token, as security tokens that are expected to become regulated.

A distinctive feature of this offering is that ULedger is allocating 10% of its revenues to investors and holders of the ULDS tokens. Payments are in the form of ETH and will take place quarterly, providing investors with regular income. Tokens can also be redeemed or sold to those wanting ULedger services.

ULedger's primary product is an enterprise blockchain protocol that allows enterprises to augment their existing technology infrastructure with blockchain in a scalable manner. The ULedger blockchain is a hybrid, public/private blockchain that enables data immutability without the need for system-wide consensus, allowing companies to keep their data private while still benefiting from the public consensus mechanisms inherent in blockchain.

The company is already actively working on a second funding round where the public will have the opportunity to invest through a REG A+ offering, a regulated and audited financial funding stage open to accredited and non-accredited investors. The REG A+ offering will exclude the opportunity to invest in equity.

Prospective investors must first register for the private sale whitelist on their website:

To stay informed on ULedger investment news, please follow @uledgerco on Twitter or ULedger, Inc. on LinkedIn.

For more information about ULedger or to schedule an interview with Josh McIver, please contact or call 208.954.6874.

About ULedger:
ULedger is based on the idea that every person, company, and entity should have their own private, immutable and secure digital ledger. ULedger has developed a cutting-edge Blockchain solution that enables the creation of a permanent and tamper-proof record of any type of data, via API. While based in Boise, Idaho, the ULedger team is widespread, with additional offices in New York City, Prishtina, Milan, and Linz.



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