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The Libman Company Offers 5 Tips for Keeping Dorm Rooms Clean


The Libman Company Offers 5 Tips for Keeping Dorm Rooms Clean

Students Can Get a Fresh Freshman Start on Dorm Room Cleaning

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ARCOLA, Ill., July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- When the youngest child moves out of "the nest" and into their first college dorm, it's a difficult moment for many parents. Though Mom and Dad are happy for their child to be out on his or her own, they still worry. Among other things, they know their child will forget that his or her parents won't be there to clean up for them anymore. So if you want your teen to enter adulthood on the right foot, here are some things to consider as you help them move into their new dorm room.

1) Sweeping up crumbs: They won't have a lot of floor space to clean, thank goodness, but as they snack in their room between meals and classes, they are likely to make a small mess. The Libman Whisk Broom and Dust Pan is perfect for sweeping up crumbs and bits of paper as they rip pages from their notebooks. Its small size is also perfect for their smaller than imagined room.

2) Dusting: They certainly never thought about it growing up, but you know dusting is very important to maintaining good hygiene and respiratory health. Dorms are often old buildings and a lot of dust gets circulated through the vents and can accumulate quickly. Get your student the Libman Flexible Microfiber Wand to dust the light fixtures, tops of windows and blinds. As they study throughout the year, this tool will also come in handy with their bookshelves, printer, TV and computer.

3) Laundry: Yes! You're off the hook for doing their laundry for a little while! Your student will likely have to travel either down many stairs or across the green to do a load, so be sure to get them a laundry bag with a shoulder strap, a reasonable size bottle of detergent, dryer sheets and lots and lots of quarters. Tell them also to bring a textbook with them and never leave their laundry unattended.

4) Dishes: Luckily your student doesn't have to clean the bathroom in college typically, but they do need to clean the dishes they keep and use in their room. Pack a few Libman Antibacterial Sponges and some dish soap so your student can clean his or her dirty bowls and mugs after it was too late to go to the dining hall.

5) Disinfecting: While living in the dorms can be fun, there can also be an abundance of germs being passed around. Help your new "adult" avoid missing classes because of sickness and advise them to use a disinfectant cleaner often with washable Libman Microfiber Sponge Cloths to wipe down surfaces and door handles.

It may seem daunting to your child and he or she certainly can get away with avoiding cleaning; after all, you won't be there to check in on them. However, it's good to remind your student that even if they don't keep their room clean for themselves or for you, they're going to want to keep these tips in mind for guests. And, cleaning can be good exercise and help fend off the notorious "Freshman Fifteen."

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