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Why Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery is a Scam


Why Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery is a Scam

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CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Florida Urological Associates' Nationally regarded prostate cancer expert discounts robotic prostate cancer surgery as a monumental treatment scam.

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Dr. Bert Vorstman says, "The rot in the prostate cancer narrative began years ago with one of medicines all-time greatest lies; that you can cut out a prostate cancer and leave a man with "remarkably satisfactory functional results".

Prostate cancer surgery is just one of many "standard" treatments in the U.S. These therapies often lack evidence-based scientific support and are backed only by the foggy processes of consensus medicine. In fact, prostate cancer surgery evolved from years of human experimentation, saves few if any lives and, commonly leaves men "limp and leaking".

Robotic prostate cancer surgery has become a standard-of-care treatment as a result of clinical studies produced by organizations to benefit themselves. Additionally, urologists have used the highly unreliable and risky PSA-based screening program to promote their early detection-to-robotic surgical treatment agenda. In contrast, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (U.S.P.S.T.F) has published its concerns regarding the treatment of screen-detected prostate cancers. A warning made more worrisome by the fact that many prostate cancers lack the hallmarks of a cancer and, men with these types of prostate cancers will be survivors irrespective of this debilitating surgery.

Despite, the availability of safer alternative treatments, this prostate surgery has defied reason for many years and led to great suffering and a public health disaster. Leaving it at odds with the Hippocratic principles of keeping patients from harm and injustice, putting patients at risk by prescribing the toxic robotic prostate cancer surgery is nothing more than licensed medical malpractice.  

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