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Beyond Enterprise Architecture: Boutique Strategy Startup's Proprietary Assessment Tool Marks First Step on Roadmap to Clarity


Beyond Enterprise Architecture: Boutique Strategy Startup's Proprietary Assessment Tool Marks First Step on Roadmap to Clarity

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FORT COLLINS, Colo., July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Organizations not seeing value from their Enterprise Architecture practices now have a window into their internal complexity.  Consulting startup Khiron Advisors is providing the first step in their process online with their new EA maturity quiz.

Combining demonstrated industry best practices with a sophisticated scoring rubric, the boutique strategy consultancy has created a clean and simple assessment for executives or employees seeking greater insight on where their Enterprise Architecture practices have room to grow. Though many organizations currently tout Enterprise Architecture as a contributor to their day-to-day operations, Khiron hopes to clarify where these practices could improve to deliver optimal value.

"The simplicity of this tool shouldn't be mistaken for frivolous results," says Khiron architect Scott Stewart, who began developing the tool after observing a greater need for clarity at client engagements. "It's not an arbitrary set of questions to reveal what kind of animal represents your business strategy. This is a critical first step in a larger plan for organizations to leverage their innate complexity."

The quiz walks potential clients through a short series of questions to create a holistic picture of their organization's EA maturity: where it's succeeding and how it can improve. "We hope to provide prospective clients with a simplified preview of the kind of assessment they would get by partnering with Khiron on their journey toward optimized EA," continues Stewart.

Enterprise Architecture is a commonly applied practice sought by executives looking to get a handle on the overwhelming complexity of their information systems.  However, various organizations promote their own understanding of the term which has resulted in conflicting approaches and disagreement on its purpose. Khiron was founded to re-imagine the way EA is implemented within large corporations, encouraging companies to embrace change and complexity as core principles of business growth. Arguing that traditional EA nomenclature is misleading, the startup is calling their offering Enterprise Technology Complexity Management (ETCM).

Though EA is the groundwork for this new offering, Khiron says ETCM provides a clearer roadmap to an adaptive enterprise that manages complexity, avoids chaos, and has more room to innovate and improve its bottom line as a result.

"We're not jettisoning EA, but that term is confusing and doesn't say what it's trying to do," says Khiron CEO Gustav Hoyer. "We're excited for the conversations this will start, as businesses realize that optimizing their EA really means they're managing their technological complexity well." 

"We're showing them the kinds of questions they need to be asking."

Khiron has partnered with numerous large-scale transformation initiatives in healthcare, biotechnology, utility, and franchising sectors. Their maturity assessment is accessible at

KHIRON is a strategic IT consultancy that moves you from chaos to control. We give you the tools to manage complexity so your business can thrive. We believe that technology should improve the lives of people and that our work should be connected to meaning beyond profit.

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