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Announcing "AddPaymentsNow For Online Marketplaces." High-Profit, Low-Risk Payment Facilitation for Online Marketplaces and Auction Sites


Announcing "AddPaymentsNow For Online Marketplaces." High-Profit, Low-Risk Payment Facilitation for Online Marketplaces and Auction Sites

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WINDHAM, Maine, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Payment Facilitation has long been the most user-friendly way to assist the transfer of funds, securely, between online marketplace buyers and sellers. In early 2018 AddPaymentsNow developed a payment facilitation placement program that takes the mystery out of helping buyers and sellers accept and pay with credit cards. What is innovative is its custom consultative approach. The program eliminates the need for marketplace site owners to take on the potential merchant account liability caused by refunds, unhappy buyers, and disputed transactions.

According to Alex Roy, of AddPaymentsNow, their new "AddPaymentsNow For Online Marketplaces" program "allows marketplace and auction site developers to instantly set up their clients with the ability to accept credit cards directly through their marketplace, with low risk, and high profits." Alex added, "The marketplace owners will share in a piece of each transaction without having to put up any money for registration, customers service, or infrastructure. We find the best fit and walk them through the entire process from setup to implementation."

Online marketplace companies are consulted with by phone and through simple questionnaires to determine their exact needs. Once needs are assessed, a payment solution is recommended based on the site structure and most common product offers. AddPaymentsNow provides consultations, placements, set up assistance and ongoing support at no direct cost to the online marketplaces.

Although payment facilitation has been around for 20 years, simplified, low-risk payment facilitation is a relatively new service in the online marketplace business. The ability to quickly set up "sub-merchant accounts" under one, simple system is a recent innovation.

Until late last year, it was unheard of for online marketplaces to facilitate payments without taking on all liabilities, customer service, and coding. This new program also preserves their ability to seamlessly take on more aspects of the process and increase profits as they grow year after year.

"It is essential that new marketplace sites set up some payment facilitation out of the gate. Without a reliable way to help track and facilitate credit card payments between buyers and sellers, the model does not work," according to Alex Roy.

With the announcement of AddPaymentsNow For Online Marketplaces, auction sites and marketplaces can allow their merchants to set up sub-accounts quickly and accept payments instantly without significant risks or upfront costs. As mentioned earlier, its custom format also enables online marketplace and auction companies the option to take on additional responsibilities over time to increase their profitability. Alex calls this "designed flexibility". Marketplace site owners can pick and choose which payment facilitation responsibilities they would like to keep in-house and which duties they would rather white label.

Industry pros have long realized that the real revenue potential of online marketplaces is only realized when site owners profit from transaction fees, in addition to advertising revenue or listing fees.

AddPaymentsNow For Online Marketplaces allows new marketplace owners to enable a "set up credit card processing now" feature in a way that reduces risk and maximizes profits. AddPaymentsNow For Online Marketplaces' solutions will provide complete, drill down level reporting for sellers, it will facilitate all deposits into seller accounts and provide all the credit card processing related customer service required.

According to AddPaymentsNow, their innovative PayFac recommendations are designed to be "plug and play". This new placement service is available to US-based marketplace and auction companies who offer either simple sale, or auction based transactions between multiple sellers and their buyers.


AddPaymentsNow is an experienced group of payment pros that pair software developers with payment facilitator providers based on needs and feature requests.


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