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Fleetsmith Releases Industry's First Free Real-Time Apple Device Intelligence Product


Fleetsmith Releases Industry's First Free Real-Time Apple Device Intelligence Product

Fleetsmith Intelligence Surfaces Key Fleet Health, Compliance, and Security Insights; First Free Product to Automate Device Setup with Support for Apple's Device Enrollment Program

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Fleetsmith, the provider of secure, automated Apple device management, today announced Fleetsmith Intelligence. It is the first free product that provides Apple device administrators with real-time visibility and insights across their entire fleet of devices, and the first no-cost solution to include enrollment via Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP). With Fleetsmith Intelligence, IT administrators can answer critical security and compliance questions such as which devices are assigned to each employee, which devices are running out-of-date OS versions, and whether requirements like disk encryption, strong passwords, and screen lock are being followed across the fleet.


If issues are found, admins can fix them with a single click by upgrading one, a few, or all devices to Fleetsmith Managed, Fleetsmith's subscription-based device management product. Fleetsmith Managed adds powerful management and security tools such as OS and app installation, patching, disk encryption with key escrow, remote lock and wipe, security settings enforcement, WiFi and printer configuration, and more.

As fleet size continues to swell to accommodate the greater number of devices used by the modern workforce, the threat surface also expands, putting businesses at a higher risk for security breaches. According to a recent International Data Corporation (IDC) survey, mobile security and compliance are some of the most pressing challenges facing businesses today, making access to affordable solutions that enable device visibility and reduce security risks crucial.

Fleetsmith Intelligence: Accessible, Automated, and Free
Fleetsmith Intelligence provides real-time visibility into a company's entire device fleet, surfacing business and security risks before it is too late. Armed with insights from Fleetsmith Intelligence, admins can take the steps necessary to close security holes and deal with device problems before they impact productivity.

"Every business, no matter its size, should have visibility into the health and security of its devices. Visibility is the foundation of modern IT," said Zack Blum, CEO and co-founder of Fleetsmith. "Fleetsmith Intelligence is not a starter tool—when deployed across a company's entire fleet, it answers questions that IT professionals devote precious resources trying to address. The ability to instantly access information about the state of your fleet will create a more responsive and secure IT environment that increases employee productivity and reduces business risk."

Fleetsmith Intelligence is also the first free product to provide automatic device setup with:

  • Enrollment via Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
  • Automatic macOS account creation using Fleetsmith's G Suite and Office 365 integrations
  • Customization of Apple's setup assistant

"We believe that a partially deployed intelligence product doesn't fulfill the promise of fleet intelligence, which is visibility. It only takes one insecure or non-compliant device to cause a breach or fail an audit. If you don't have full deployment coverage, you don't have full visibility into the security of your fleet," said Jesse Endahl, CPO, CSO, and co-founder of Fleetsmith.

Fleetsmith Managed: Risk Mitigation in One Click
After analyzing device insights provided by Fleetsmith Intelligence, an administrator's next step is to address any issues that were detected. As Blum explains, "The next level of value is in how you can easily fix the problems you find. With just one click, you can turn on Fleetsmith Managed and actually mitigate the issues you're seeing."

Available on a subscription basis, Fleetsmith Managed is a paid fleet management product that allows admins to automate many tedious, but important, IT tasks so they can secure their fleet while reclaiming valuable time. It costs $8.95 per device per month, with a full-featured free trial available for up to 10 devices.

Fleetsmith Managed also enables the industry's only true fully-automated device setup (often called zero-touch deployment) by adding automatic app installation and settings enforcement capabilities to Fleetsmith Intelligence's device setup features. This allows employees to receive a new device directly from Apple or a certified retailer that is automatically configured for them without needing time-consuming, manual work by IT.

"Fleetsmith Managed simplifies Apple device management for any professional responsible for managing and securing a company's devices," Endahl said. "We're putting industry-leading best practices within reach of companies of all sizes, whether or not they have a formal IT organization, and also helping larger companies with established IT departments leverage powerful automation so they can focus on the highest value work."

Anyone who manages company devices—including IT, ops, security professionals, and office managers—can use Fleetsmith Managed to provision computers with zero-touch deployment and automatically install and patch software on every device, including the ongoing process of enforcing settings for security and compliance.

iOS & tvOS: Launching August 15
Fleetsmith is releasing support for iOS and tvOS management in open beta on August 15, 2018. iOS and tvOS management will be free during beta.

About Fleetsmith
Fleetsmith automates device setup, fleet intelligence, app and OS updates, and security across a company's Apple device fleet. Founded by former IT and security leaders from Dropbox and Fandom, Fleetsmith combines world-class product and security engineering with a powerful, intuitive interface that makes advanced Apple device management available for everyone. Fleetsmith is based in San Francisco and backed by Index Ventures, Harrison Metal, and Upfront Ventures. Try it for free at


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