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SAVI and WhiteSpace Announce Strategic Partnership to Support Veterans Transitioning Into the Civilian Workplace


SAVI and WhiteSpace Announce Strategic Partnership to Support Veterans Transitioning Into the Civilian Workplace

Collaboration to Bring Ideas, Strategy and Big-Picture Thinking to Post-Separation Veterans

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IRVINE, Calif., July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Strategic Alliance for Veteran Integration (SAVI) and WhiteSpace have formed a nonprofit-corporate partnership to accelerate their impact in the veteran community nationwide. Their collaboration offers America's service members leaving the military each year more comprehensive support and practical tools for boosting their morale and productivity in the civilian workplace, benefiting both veterans as employees and the employers that hire them. The partnership enables the two California-based organizations to expand the efficiency-increasing and stress-reducing strategies from WhiteSpace into more U.S. work environments, thereby furthering SAVI's mission to support a more seamless transition for veterans.

WhiteSpace's techniques for streamlining team workflows have been applied by some of the world's top brands, including Nike, P&G, Wells Fargo, Hershey's and Hyatt. WhiteSpace at Work uses 21-minute daily lessons and other tailored resources to help high-achieving teams reduce busywork, which frees up their capacity for innovation and prevents burnout.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, SAVI creates and supports a seamless transition process for U.S. military veterans by providing training, guidance, and resources that facilitate a sustainable model of integration for former service members into civilian life. This approach is unique because it also includes consulting services for employers seeking to recruit and retain veteran employees, as well as certifications for the 45,000 veteran service organizations that provide benefits assistance and for veterans claims representatives.

WhiteSpace Founder and CEO Juliet Funt said about the partnership with SAVI, "WhiteSpace is a necessary cultural ingredient for making work welcoming to an incoming veteran professional. Although we at WhiteSpace are not expert in the veterans field, we've learned about the need for a veteran's professional environment to be logical, peaceful and supportive. WhiteSpace will be a critical accelerator to success in these companies. Post-transition veterans are sensitive to distractions and lose confidence easily when they feel overwhelmed. A WhiteSpace culture is simpler, more logical and contains far fewer distractions. The thoughtful environment is a perfect container for empowering any transitioning veteran."

When asked why the partnership with WhiteSpace was a good fit for SAVI, founder Adrianne said, "SAVI believes that simplicity allows for greater efficiency. During a time of transition, the civilian sector can seem chaotic for the new Veteran. WhiteSpace helps ensure that these employees and their employers have the tools they need for success at work, which is an important part of whole life reintegration."

About SAVI
The Strategic Alliance for Veteran Integration (SAVI) was founded in June 2018 and is committed to developing overarching aspirational messaging and imagery that will reflect support and guidance to veterans at every process touchpoint as they complete a whole life transition.

About WhiteSpace
Founded in 2001, WhiteSpace helps organizations retrieve their talented teams from beneath piles of crushing to-dos and relentless task assaults. Through short, daily learning modules and tools such as webinars, executive sessions and custom content, WhiteSpace helps teams affect enterprise-wide behavior change by discovering a streamlined workflow that makes their work more productive and efficient. Learn more about WhiteSpace at


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