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Schioppa North America: Creating A New Standard


Schioppa North America: Creating A New Standard

SNA brings a new standard to a standard market.

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WAYLAND, Mich., July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Schioppa North America, a division of DoRodo, is proud to announce its newest product line, The Diamond Series, a caster specifically engineered for use on equipment that requires great ease of movement and stability. Manufactured with an antimicrobial compound injected into the nylon body and thermoplastic rubber wheels, Diamond Series casters provide increased protection against the growth and spread of bacteria, making them ideal for hospitals, laboratories, and food service areas. Plus, with ease-of-use in mind, this unique caster boasts specifically engineered body assemblies and wheel clearance, making cleaning and equipment hygiene even easier.

A quick case study: Up until a few years ago, the medical industry standard for hospital mobile workstations (W.O.W carts as they're referred to) was a larger single wheel, closed construction caster. They were bulky, with limited mobility, almost impossible to sanitize and most importantly—they were unstable due to the smaller tread width. Those reasons caused major medical manufacturers to begin looking for a better solution. When a medical manufacturer partner approached us with the idea of updating their new line of W.O.W carts, we knew that standard wasn't going to solve these issues.

Our team of engineers spent 6 months redeveloping and reintroducing the Diamond Series caster as the new solution for medical and institutional applications. The new dual-wheel design increased the load bearing capacity, and stability; the open-construction made for easier cleaning and sanitation, and a precision ball bearing added maneuverability and fluidity of motion.

Now, the Diamond Series has found its way not only into hospitals in North America, but restaurants and laboratories as well. Anywhere cleanliness, maneuverability, and stability are a requirement.

Design, agility, control. Those are the characteristics that Schioppa North America offers in all of our casters.

Diamond Series casters have a dynamic load capacity of 220 lbs and are manufactured with Nylon Polyamide 6.0 body and grey TPR non-marking dual wheels. The color options are the standard ice,or black and beige, and are available in custom colors to meet your branding or aesthetic requirements.

Our new Diamond Series caster is the perfect answer to your mobility requirements. Please contact us today and let us show you how the Diamond series can be the answer to many of your applications.


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