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Watching Social Media Blossom: How One Brand is Standing Out from the Rest


Watching Social Media Blossom: How One Brand is Standing Out from the Rest

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LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In the light of Facebook algorithm changes, branded content and the growth of social platforms, it has been quite the year for those businesses that rely on social as their content distributor.

When it comes to content that is branded, First Media's largest platform, Blossom, has set the standard high in the world of partnerships. Each video rolls out millions of views along with tens of thousands of comments. This is why companies such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, and ShopRite see Blossom as a sure investment. These viral sensations don't just happen overnight, a set of content rules are used by the Blossom team during the creation process of their next big idea. With one of these content rules being, "Be considerate about who you partner with," it is safe to say that the platform decides to go forward with companies that match their aesthetic and values as a brand. Read below to see how these companies collaborated and succeeded with Blossom.

While partnering with Bed Bath & Beyond, the home goods powerhouse, Blossom was able to ring in a whopping 76 million views and about 2 million shares with its assortment of slow cooker hacks that left our audience running straight to the kitchen and dusting off that old slow cooker that they hadn't used in ages. It seems that getting people to indulge in their creativity is something that Blossom has always prided themselves in. The success of this viral video has left their audience and partners happy and is just one example of Blossom doing brand integration tastefully and efficiently.

Since Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world, its massive number of loyal shoppers were surely to love Blossom's two-part video collaboration revolving around Easter hacks for 2018. If you love a bit of simple, cute, and sweet, then they definitely hit the spot with these hacks that included adorable budget-friendly baskets as well as table party ideas that party guests would adore. These videos were rolled out in a two-day span and received about 30 million views, a great amount of engagement and helped the Blossom audience get ready for Spring.

In the past year, Blossom has rolled out 3 branded videos with ShopRite, a leading East Coast grocery store chain. The most recent collaboration with ShopRite had us preparing for Independence Day with yummy summer time grilling hacks and had us planning our next backyard barbeque. These awesome hack ideas were a huge success with 10 million views in the first 24 hours. It is currently standing with 87 million views, 2 million shares, and still continuing to grow. This is just another prime example of the power that Blossom holds on its own as a brand and that a partnership with them will not only help a company build a relationship with their audience, but also learn about the wants and needs of their consumers on more of a connected level.


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