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Silhouette 7 - Innovation In The Trenches


Silhouette 7 - Innovation In The Trenches

Industry favorite Roto / Paint / Compositor evolves with major customer driven update

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LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- SilhouetteFX, LLC is pleased to announce the availability of Silhouette V7. Widely adopted, Silhouette is a preferred weapon in the trenches of post-production. Finely tuned for streamlined roto, paint, stereo conversion, and compositing, Silhouette V7 adds new tools in support of these foundational tasks and goes further with new capabilities.

"Nimbly responding to customer needs is a top priority at SilhouetteFX," said Marco Paolini. "We often engage in real-time dialog with the biggest names in our business, creating solutions to the problems they face right now. V7 includes significant new features requested by veteran industry experts."

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Lightweight sequence editor provides fundamental editing tools such as cutting, joining, moving, copying, replacing, trimming, retiming and repeating clips.
  • Vastly improved planar tracker now tracks textureless objects even when partially occluded and utilizes drift compensation algorithms for increased accuracy. Planar tracks can now be smoothed in addition to point tracks.
  • New combinatorial geometry features for roto that can combine shapes and cut out portions of shapes easily.
  • Animation can be extrapolated beyond the timeline providing accurate motion blur at both beginning and ending of sequences.
  • Smooth (Catmull-Rom) interpolation is now available for shape tweening. When this interpolation is used, Silhouette provides the highest fidelity of roto transfer to the Foundry's Nuke compositor.
  • A significant new feature for paint, clone sources can be warped non-destructively. The new "pin warp" is also made available as a new node.
  • All Paint > Clone modifiers such as corner-pin, scale, rotation, translation, and skew are now visually available at all times.
  • Stabilization is more flexible allowing instant stabilization based on any layer from any node in an effects tree.
  • Complex trees have become easier to manage with the introduction of Node Grouping.
  • Custom integration into facility workflows is made easier with PySide2 support.
  • Three new effects nodes are added: Pin Warp, Frost and advanced Lens Flare.
  • Nuts and bolts are improved with a backup chooser allowing rapid location of automatic backups and every source clip maintains separate in and out points for use in the new Sequence Editor.

Silhouette V7 is offered at a price of $1795 USD. A BorisFX mocha planar tracking option is available for $199 USD. Upgrade from V6 to V7 for $595 USD, from V5 to V7 for $795, and V1 through V4 to V7 for $995. V7 may be rented for $195 per month.

About SilhouetteFX, LLC: Located on the web at, SilhouetteFX has provided leading visual effects industry tools since 2004. SilhouetteFX has long been a leading innovator offering early support of a full stereoscopic workflow, the first Inverse-Kinematic driven rotoscoping system, a breakthrough hybrid raster paint system and a new vision for shape-driven warping and morphing from the people who invented it.

Silhouette and SilhouetteFX are trademarks of SilhouetteFX, LLC. Nuke is a trademark of The Foundry Visionmongers, Ltd. mocha is a trademark of BorisFX. All other marks are the property of their respective holders.


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