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Photo And Video: The Perfect Marriage Of Wedding Services


Photo And Video: The Perfect Marriage Of Wedding Services

Brennan Tolman Media is changing the Utah wedding industry by offering both professional wedding photo & video at a new low price!

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PROVO, Utah, July 28, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --  Getting married comes with a lot of work and frustration as brides need to find several vendors to fill the needs of their special day. Now, Brennan Tolman Media is working to revolutionize the Utah wedding industry by creating a team for both photo and video, leaving a one-stop shop for wedding media needs.

Many brides on a budget feel that they need to choose between hiring either a photographer or videographer in order to cut down on expenses. Brennan Tolman Media wants to eliminate the struggle by providing both for the price of one. By hiring both photo and video together, it is often a lot cheaper than trying to find two separate vendors. Brennan Tolman Media's new base price to have a photographer and videographer at your wedding is $1200 which is often the cost or less than most photographers charge.

In addition to the lower cost, having a team that works well together eliminates a lot of problems. Brennan Tolman, founder of Brennan Tolman Media said, "I've shot over 200 weddings in my career as a videographer, and 80% of the time it's a huge struggle to shoot around a photographer that doesn't know you and frankly doesn't care how your video turns out. When the photographer and videographer don't know each other, it can be hard to coordinate who gets what shots and therefore both photos and videos don't turn out as good as they could be."

No bride wants to look back at wedding photos and video and feel like they could have been better. Brennan Tolman Media seeks to remove this problem completely. Tim Rollins, one of their videographers said, "Our photographers and videographers all work in sync and understand that they will be delivering the content together, so we make sure to coordinate closely who is getting what shot and it ends up making my video a lot easier to capture. I'm able to get some wonderful candid moments without a photographer stepping in the way."

They have a simple wedding guide that walks clients through the process of their wedding day with both the photo and the video which is a great benefit to brides and grooms. In addition to that, Brennan Tolman Media offers a free location guide so clients can see what different locations around Utah look like in order to best choose how they want their photos to feel.

By being an organized photo/video team, Brennan Tolman Media offers the best possible value to brides at the best possible price.

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