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10 Million DAD Tokens Released, Inviting Users to Build a New Ecosystem of Blockchain Advertising


10 Million DAD Tokens Released, Inviting Users to Build a New Ecosystem of Blockchain Advertising

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SAN JOSE, Calif., July 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In the era of big data, the internet brings great convenience to users, however, this comes at a cost. For example, user identity information and browsing history are leaked. Due to the costs of internet user data replication is low, replication is indistinguishable, and there are no unique and explicit ownership constraints. In the process of sharing the data, there is the risk of being copied, retained and resold by a third party or data buyer. Users just know their privacy has been leaked, but never know who leaks it.

The advertising giants led by FB, Google, Apple, and Twitter would only make internet data more and more centralized, users' data would be further exploited, and user rights could not be guaranteed. Users have lost control of data and privacy protection, and they have no access to dividends after data is used by the platform for profit. How to protect privacy while enjoying convenience is the biggest problem for users.

To solve this problem, DAD proposes its own solution. Dad is a decentralized advertising chain committed to bringing data ownership back to the masses, making users become the master of their data, and get profit after platform used the data, that is, users can get the Token rewards by clicking the advertisement.

Since 2013, DAD has built its own advertising system and has more than 150 million users worldwide, and more than 1.5 billion ad impressions per day. Currently DAD has a perfect advertising ecosystem. With years of accumulation and outstanding team DAD has attracted the support of quality investment institutions such as ONT, NEO and Danhua Capital. The largest Airdrop platform and digital asset management platform BCV have already cooperated with DAD. Moreover, DAD has many partners like: HLC, Dacc, Coinspeaker, Nulltx, CoinCodex. Now DAD is actively preparing for listing on global top3 exchange. (Details will be given as soon as possible.)

In order to build a better blockchain advertising ecosystem, DAD specially launched the "Spark Plan" on July 16, which released 10 million DAD candies to motivate early community users. Users can get rewards by signing up and inviting friends. "Spark Plan" became popular on social media immediately. Just in a few hours, the number of registered people reached 10,000.

DAD is experienced in advertising marketing and has a professional team. "Spark Plan" is the first step of DAD. In the future, DAD will cooperate with more high-quality partners to speed up Dapp landing.

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