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Flexefits Launches a "Direct Care" Health Care Insurance Alternative In Time for Enrollment Season


Flexefits Launches a "Direct Care" Health Care Insurance Alternative In Time for Enrollment Season

Flexefits, a leader in direct pay alternatives to traditional health insurance, has just launched a program that provides care that is affordable, accessible, and is easy to use. It eliminates all the middle men and middle steps required in the insurance world, so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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FAIRFIELD, N.J., July 27, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- With the fall health care insurance open enrollment season soon upon us, Flexefits has announced a direct access, fixed price service – a "direct care" alternative to traditional insurance.

It claims shorter wait times, dramatically lower prices at the point of care, the convenience of virtual doctor's visits, and a Health Matching Account that allows for payment of even elective procedures…and matches your account balance doubling unused funds.

"Traditional insurance doesn't work for many of us" stated Peter Gallic, founder of Flexefits. So his company combined technology, aggregation of tens of thousands of providers who agree to offer lower fixed prices, and a health savings program that matches deposits (Health Matching Account - HMA). "What you get is 'Direct Care', a non-insurance membership plan for a small monthly fee, plus low, pre-negotiated rates at the doctor, dentist, optician or surgeon. It takes away the "middle money" cost burdens of traditional insurance, including claims processing, so providers are willing to give our members pricing sometimes as much as 50% less than market rates." Pharmacy costs are also reduced to cents on a dollar.

The company estimates 40-50 million potential customers, including those who will leave traditional programs at the January ACA mandate expiration, and those who are not on employer sponsored plans like gig economy participants, independent contractors and businesses that receive 1099 income. Flexefits recommends that even those with high deductible plans take a look, and if concerned about catastrophic illnesses or emergency room visits, supplemental traditional insurance should be considered. "That is why we have included a modest limit catastrophic and accident option which is traditional insurance for those whose family or personal health history indicate they may want to purchase greater coverage," Gallic explained.

According to the executive, most people share similar opinions about health insurance, in that they know they spend thousands before benefits kick in, they know they can't afford it, but don't know what to do. "that is why we say we make healthcare great again – to make it affordable again," he concluded. Find out more about the program at

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SOURCE Flexefits LLC

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