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Lighter, Smaller, Easier, Better


Lighter, Smaller, Easier, Better

Meet the WAYB Pico, a new, travel-friendly child's car seat arriving soon.

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PASADENA, Calif., July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- A car seat is a known adversary to a parent's dreams of smooth traveling. Whether by air, rental car, or taxi, the car seat can be bulky, heavy, hard to transport, and challenging to store when not in use. Many parents even opt to forgo the car seat for logistical reasons, which ultimately isn't the safest option for their children. This is why WAYB is pleased to introduce the patent-pending Pico— an agile, portable child's car seat that's easy for parents and helps make travel safer for little ones.

Shockingly lightweight and cleverly foldable, the WAYB Pico is a car seat that can be nimbly carried through airports and crowded city sidewalks. Its smart design enables simple installation and use, while its compact stature makes Pico easy to stow in overhead bins, closets, or car trunks when not in use. It's extremely durable, being constructed with aerospace-grade aluminum- an intensely strong material that stands up to the rigors of travel with children without added bulk or weight.

The Pico's portability is ideal for planes, cars, and transfers by taxi, Lyft, Uber, or Zipcar, enabling parents and children to enjoy safer, smoother travels with little ones secured in their car seat, rather than skipping this important piece of gear. And with its small size, it's perfect to keep on hand as an extra safety seat for carpools, playdates, and field trips, or for use by caregivers.

Pico has passed federal safety standards for car and air travel throughout its development, and is intended for children aged 2-6 years, pending final testing.

The remarkable design, construction, and intuitive thought behind Pico all started on a business trip, when Tio Jung and his father, I.S. Jung, noticed parents unhappily dragging heavy, cumbersome car seats through the airport. From years spent in the outdoor industry creating gear that's lightweight, strong, and safe, the Jungs recognized the opportunity to bring their expertise into the child and baby category, and help make family travel an easier, more enjoyable experience.

Along with their longtime friend, Michael Crooke, the former CEO of Patagonia and a current leading figure in responsibly-minded, sustainable business, they've founded WAYB to improve upon essential children's and baby products. And they're doing so without compromising on practices that are healthier for both people and the planet, placing a priority on responsible manufacturing, eco-friendly materials, waste minimization, and excellent labor standards.

"I've spent years immersed in the designs and details of the outdoor industry, so once I became a father, I started asking myself if we could bring some of these technical innovations into the juvenile category," says Tio Jung, WAYB CEO and father of three kids. "With all the products parents have to drag around, it seemed like there must be a way to do it better. A way to create durable, useful products that really make a parent's job easier, while incorporating modern design and a sleek aesthetic as well. I'm pleased to introduce our first product, the WAYB Pico. I feel like it's going to be a game-changer for any parent traveling with little ones."

"When Tio approached me with this idea," says Michael Crooke, WAYB Chairman, "I knew I wanted to get involved, as long as we evaluated every aspect of product development and the business with a sustainability lens. I've spent decades helping companies integrate their products and services with environmental and social responsibilities. Bringing this type of forward-thinking and values-led mentality into the juvenile industry was something I could really get behind. By designing Pico, WAYB is offering a product with a smart solution. It's better for people, and ultimately better for our planet."

The WAYB Pico will be available for pre-order starting in Fall 2018, with delivery slated for early 2019. For more details on WAYB or Pico, please visit


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