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Web Design Company, Lounge Lizard, Shares Insider Tips for Successful Live Streaming


Web Design Company, Lounge Lizard, Shares Insider Tips for Successful Live Streaming

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NEW YORK, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Lounge Lizard is globally recognized as a top Web Design Company within the web design and development industry. Lounge Lizard's brandtenders are creative, tech-savvy, and passionate in developing innovative strategies that drive conversion for both startup and established clients of all industries, making them the "best of breed since 1998."

Live streaming is one of the hottest types of digestible content right now and as such is something every business should be considering. Video is dominating online and with live streaming you have the unique opportunity to interact directly with your most passionate customers. Of course, if you are going to do it then you should do it right! Today NY based web design company, Lounge Lizard, shares Insider Tips for Successful Live Streaming.

  1. Choose a topic. By topic we mean the general theme or idea that your stream is based around. For example, many people live stream playing video games where they offer tips, insights, and feedback on how to play better. An auto repair shop might stream basic at-home auto maintenance tasks like changing the oil. You need to decide exactly what it is your stream is going to be covering week in and week out. While you don't always need a script, you definitely need a plan because trying to wing it live never works like you think it will. Notes should be used for each session to help keep you on point.
  2. Pick a format. There are quite a few format styles that can be used for a stream. You can use single person conversing directly with the camera and audience. There is also a single person performing a task while being filmed. Another popular format is two to three people discussing things like a panel. There are also more complex options that use sketches, graphics or video packages, and more.
  3. Decide on a host. Some people have the personality to entertain while others don't. That is a simple fact. Whomever is going to be your host or presenter should be decent at public speaking with moderate charisma at the very least. Once selected that person should practice in front of a camera and then review their performance to help tighten up how they speak and act. They can also spend time watching top streaming hosts to see how they handle themselves. Remember, a live stream needs to be entertaining and interesting if you want people to actually watch and engage. Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins is the most popular video game streamer on Twitch with over 140,000 paid subscribers and over 9 million followers because he is not only very good at video games but he is also very entertaining and charismatic.
  4. Pick a platform. There are a handful of popular platforms from which you can stream on. Twitch is a popular gaming stream site but also works for creative content. YouTube is a wonderful place for almost everything and is a great option. Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope all offer streaming as well. The goal should be to find a platform that is convenient for both you and your audience, as in being a platform they can or would utilize.
  5. Create graphics. If you want your stream to appear professional, then invest some time and energy in creating useful graphics to accentuate the stream experience. You will want a launch graphic that helps announce the start of your stream. For example, you might start with your logo and theme song before moving into top clips from prior streams. This package can last 30-60 seconds or more and is a nice teaser to use as viewers show up. You should avatars and banners for your streaming platform. There should be a standby graphic in case you need to pause the stream. You can also use a goodbye graphic that might include credits.
  6. Find a moderator. If you are going to stream you absolutely need a moderator. The internet can quickly go from pleasant to troll-filled and a moderator is the person who keeps the peace in your chat room along with enforcing rules. This person can also note important question and comments from viewers for the host.
  7. Remember to announce it. Every time you are about to start your stream always announce it on your social media platforms! While sites like Twitch and YouTube allow for users to receive notifications when a stream goes live, not everyone opts in. A quick Tweet about going live and the subject of the day will do wonders for increasing your audience size. You can even do this while the start-up graphic is playing.

Lounge Lizard is an award-winning, high-end design boutique specializing in website and mobile app development, UX/UI, branding, and marketing. Lounge Lizard excels in creating the ultimate brand strategy, fully loaded with expertly crafted visuals that work together to increase sales and effectively communicate a client's unique personality.

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