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Southern Transitional Council Supports A Democratic Future For South Yemen


Southern Transitional Council Supports A Democratic Future For South Yemen

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WASHINGTON, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Southern Transitional Council continues its struggle to ensure that South Yemen can rise again as a beacon of freedom in the Middle East. These tireless efforts to advocate peacefully for their people (and defending their people when they have been attacked) are becoming recognized by the global community as the situation in South Yemen continues to deteriorate. The STC has come to the aid of its people and involved itself in military operations due to attacks against innocent civilians from the Houthis, jihadist and militia groups supported by Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood who do not represent the people of South Yemen, or have the best interests of its people in mind. STC is appreciative of the support and recognition that it has received in the region, especially from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, who support a similar vision for building a representative government that can lead all men, women and children in South Yemen.

Ahmed Atef, Abdulsalam Mused and Ahmed Muthana attend the diplomatic reception/dinner of the Trans Atlantic Parliamentary Group (July 10, 2018, Capitol Hill)

Southern Transitional Council (US) Ltd., has also been working on Capitol Hill, meeting with various Members of Congress and staff, to educate them regarding the situation in South Yemen. In addition, the leadership of STC (US) Ltd attended a diplomatic reception hosted by the Trans Atlantic Parliamentary Group, by which (70) attendees from the EU Parliament, various Ambassadors, Members of Congress were able to meet with them. These activities have significantly increased the notoriety of STC on Capitol Hill, and encouraged many lawmakers regarding their perception of a bright future for South Yemen.

STC (US) Ltd's activities on Capitol Hill and across the country are robust, and will continue to tirelessly advocate for the people of South Yemen to have the right to a representative government and peaceful future. The assaults by terrorists against the innocent people of Hodeidah must cease, and they will not succeed as they were pushed back from Aden, the recently Socotra as well. STC must have a seat at the table at the upcoming peace talks, and the global community must be engaged to work to truly resolve this situation by supporting the proponents of peace, freedom and democracy in South Yemen.

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