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HNB Attends Multiple Global Events And Speeds Up Development of a Genuinely International, Decentralized Global Economy


HNB Attends Multiple Global Events And Speeds Up Development of a Genuinely International, Decentralized Global Economy

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SHANGHAI, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As a block chain project committed to build the next generation of decentralized global economy, HNB has designed and built a dual-token system for the HNB community with one Token, HGS, for circulation and another Token, HNB, for equity. HGS is pegged to the U.S. Dollar (1HGS is equal to 0.0156 USD). However, it is necessary for the ecology formed by the real economy, which is closely connected with HGS, to be sufficiently large to ensure a relatively stable exchange rate between HGS and legal fiat currency. Such stability would ensure the integrity of behavior along the entire community chain, including consumption, investment and payments, all of which would be much more fluid and fast. HNB's project team, featuring both Chinese and international talent, recently attended a series of global events.  It not only expedites the internationalization process of HNB itself, but also helps to combine the project with the real economy and implement the economic model in different landing scenarios.

Following close collaboration with the world's largest hand-painted IP platform "Honey", the HNB project team held a meeting with Shanghai Xiangsenmiye Co., Ltd. on July 18th to announce a strategic partnership agreement between the two sides. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, Shanghai Xiangsenmiye Co., Ltd. will provide HNB project access to more merchants and products. In the future, HGS will also support the purchase of relevant products produced by partners on various platforms, thus effectively improving the liquidity of HGS.

On July 19th, the HNB project team was invited to attend the Red Alpha Summer Club reception hosted by AlphaCoin Capital at Beijing's Ri Tan Restaurant. As part of the AlphaCoin Capital ecosystem, the HNB project team is committed to building the next generation decentralized economic model based on block chain technology. During the meeting, the HNB project team interacted closely with the participants and project representatives, and was pleased to reach partnership agreements in numerous areas, including investment, technology, digital currency issuance and ecological construction.

HNB attends the Red Alpha Summer Club reception hosted by AlphaCoin Capital

At the same time, invited by the Huobi Canada team, Alan Wu, the founding partner of the HNB project, attended a VIP cocktail party held at the Canada Financial Center in Toronto. Other industry celebrities on the guest list included well-known block chain start-ups such as the first ATM Bitcoin Toronto initiator and Jaxx-encrypted currency wallet developer Decentral, LL Brandlab, SD Chain, and famous hedge funds in the field of block chain investment, such as Youbi Capital, Interblock Capital, Sauvage Capital and other industry leaders.

HNB attends a VIP cocktail party held by Huobi Canada

At the meeting, Mr. Wu shared his vision for the next generation of a decentralized economic model based on block chain technology, the recent achievements of the HNB project and the success in community construction. Mr. Wu is also continuing to work with HNB's international team to promote partnership with Canadian companies and strengthen collaboration with multinational enterprises.

The combination of the virtual and real economies functioning along traditional lines is the bold premise of the HNB project, and block chain technology is the key factor to effectively promote the synergy between the two models. Although the use of block chain technology is still, in large part, limited to the financial sector, it is expected that the public chain established by HNB will set up a working ecology and link between consumers and producers. Direct dialogue can enhance productivity and promote mutual trust in a new community economy.

About HNB

HNB is aiming to design a Blockchain based decentralized economic operation mechanism for a closed-loop economic entity. HNB believes that transparent and properly implemented economic incentives will motivate participants to be both active and behavioral in the economic entity.  When participants can earn incentives throughout different ways to contribute to this automated entity, it will strengthen the participation and creativity of participants.  In return, the entity will be more dynamic and reach a certain scale. A global self-development HNB economic entity is supported by the open and vigorous governance mechanism, mixed with business partners, large number of customers, and the latest technologies. Based on the next generation of Blockchain technology, HNB team is confident and committed to growing its business entity into one of the largest decentralized economic communities in the world.

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