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SOCSoter Expands VMS Services to Include Managed Breach Detection


SOCSoter Expands VMS Services to Include Managed Breach Detection

SOCSoter offers a new cybersecurity service to the SMB market which has been previously available to the enterprise level due to the complexity and high cost.

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HAGERSTOWN, Md., July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- SOCSoter released today a new cybersecurity service, Breach Detection, to the Small to Mid Sized Business (SMB) market. This type of technology has only been available at the enterprise level due to its cost—until now.

Studies have shown attackers stay on a network for over 200 days before they are detected. Unfortunately, detection gaps can increase for small to mid-sized businesses because they lack funding and time to continuously monitor their network.

SOCSoter's Breach Detection works by implementing decoy hosts on the network that appear vulnerable when malicious actors scan the network. While decoys allude weak points, they cannot be leveraged towards network access. When attackers scan or touch a decoy, it triggers an alarm that notifies SOCSoter's SOC where their certified experts will investigate and offer remediation recommendations. Very few cybersecurity tools available to the SMB market can detect this type of lateral movement.

Melissa Kaiser, Director of Business Development adds, "We know the SMB market is the low hanging fruit for hackers. Breach Detection really helps businesses protect their network while not spending a lot of money. We are eager to release this service to our customers and hope to assist more businesses in preventing, detecting and protecting their networks."

SOCSoter is packaging Breach Detection with their Vulnerability Monitoring Service (VMS). VMS is a monthly vulnerability scan in which SOCSoter's analysts do all the work. They run and authenticate the scan and provide their customers with an executive summary interpreting the scan. Ordinarily VMS is enough, but paired with Breach Detection services, SOCSoter is offering the SMB market an increased ability to detect, respond, and protect.

About SOCSoter:
SOCSoter offers Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and SOC Services on a SIEM platform to help cross-selling, up-selling and account acquisition in the SMB market. No data storage in the cloud, no additional IT staff or training, just comprehensive 24/7 network security at an affordable monthly price so you can grow your business. SOCSoter offers managed and professional services through their proprietary technology.

For more information regarding SOCSoter and the services they provide small and mid-sized businesses call (866)977-7621 or visit



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