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Married, Single or It's Complicated: FEBC Can Help Keep Costs Down


Married, Single or It's Complicated: FEBC Can Help Keep Costs Down

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SAN RAMON, Calif., July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Marriage could be the key to financial, physical and emotional bliss, according to several studies on happiness and health. But what about the 49 percent of Americans who are single? Psychologist Bella DePaulo thinks studies on happy, successful and healthy married couples could be biased, and they may not paint the full picture. In addition, the benefits and drawbacks to both lifestyles include how their relationship status affects their finances. Financial Education Benefits Center (FEBC), a company that provides a variety of member benefits including financial and health wellness, believes that happiness is within reach of all Americans, no matter their relationship status. FEBC provides benefits to help with that goal, including tools ranging from roadside assistance to veterinary discounts.

"You have to decide for yourself what values drive you when you are considering getting married, staying single or all the many options in between," said Jennifer Martinez, manager at FEBC. "Your values will help anchor you throughout the different seasons of life."

What matters to one person could change for another, and how they give or receive love could also differ. Shira Burstein, a psychotherapist, believes marriage has the ability to offer healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress and anxiety, like making goals for a healthier lifestyle or better job. In addition to contributing to emotional health, married couples also enjoy better social security benefits and more power in making decisions for their partner in emergency situations, such as in a hospital. Another unexpected financial benefit: couples who are married may get lower insurance premiums on their cars. However, a person doesn't have to be married to reap financial awards. FEBC allows all of its members to enjoy discounts on a variety of everyday expenses, including groceries and entertainment.

Budgeting and staying on track with finances is a key piece in keeping a relationship healthy. If couples don't do this, it could have a negative impact on their future. In fact, money issues are the third-highest cause for divorce in North America. If couples are interested in saving money, they could look into their options for everyday discounts. For example, identity theft protection through an FEBC membership could help make anyone feel safer about their personal information, while also protecting it. Savings on prescriptions, vision, chiropractic services and fitness are all additional ways for a person to potentially save more with Financial Education Benefits Center. While the benefits offered are not insurance, the company hopes members will be able to increase their savings if they are able to use the discount benefits.

"We don't claim to know the secrets to marital bliss," added Martinez. "But our many benefits could help couples and singles, alike, stay on track with their budgets."

About Financial Education Benefits Center

Financial Education Benefits Center is located in San Ramon, California. The membership company has already helped thousands save money and obtain the necessary education required to live a financially healthy life.

Financial Education Benefits Center has partnered with several name brand third-party companies to expand the financial and educational products and services available to its members and to provide a variety of wellness services as well.

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