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BQT™ P2P Crypto Hedge Exchange: Social and Short-term Hedge Trading


BQT™ P2P Crypto Hedge Exchange: Social and Short-term Hedge Trading

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LONDON, July 26, 2018 /CNW/ - BQT Technologies, LTD. has recently announced the upcoming closed-Beta release of the BQT™ Crypto Exchange - a peer-to-peer (P2P) social and interactive exchange with innovative hedge trade capabilities. This unique method embraces the spirit of decentralization and community, eliciting the founding principles of blockchain and crypto assets trading.

As many blockchain experts are trying to find additional ways to marry crypto with fiat, BQT™ team believes in reducing the dependency on fiat altogether. And many exchanges, including top ones on the leaderboard such as Binance already following such trend. Every crypto asset has its own unique value and can be used as a negotiating tool to acquire another crypto asset. BQT team thinks the demand for the traders to obtain more crypto assets can be fulfilled through a significant supply of various crypto asset holdings through social interactions and direct negotiations by savvy trader peers.

P2P exchanges have shown a significant growth in popularity, with the widely used Localbitcoins witnessing continual volume spikes across various markets. To leverage various crypto asset holdings, BQT™ has introduced the revolutionary Hedge Trade system. Unlike margins and futures trading, the BQT™ Hedge Trade system is a flexible method to acquire assets in short term through escrow of existing crypto holdings.

BQT™ has chosen to focus its attention on secure P2P Hedge exchange model - allowing savvy crypto traders to interact with each other directly.

"The market for P2P exchanges is growing rapidly and market of today's traders truly demands even more flexibility and much deeper social interaction. BQT™ Exchange provides innovative trading approach allowing traders to hedge their crypto assets holdings to acquire crypto assets of other traders. We believe ability to negotiate trades directly, while rating their trades delivers upmost trustful, lucrative and competitive trading experience."

- Edward W. Mandel, CEO

Secure, interactive and user-friendly interface enables traders to acquire crypto assets from other trader peers on a short-time basis providing escrow of their crypto assets as a security with certain period while still maintaining ownership of the escrow.

BQT™ is more than just an exchange; its aim is to build a community of traders and create a true culture of crypto traders that can learn from each other, rate their trades and share their experience.

BQT™ team is aimed to release Hedge Exchange globally but initially restricting access in United States and some other jurisdiction until proper compliance is met.

The BQT™ Token

BQT Technologies, LTD. is scheduled to launch its ICO in July. BQT™ Token (BQT) would be initially utilized for exchange fee transactions and token listing fees but in future platform releases BQT tokens could be used for educational tools and other products and services which could help the BQT™ community to become more savvy traders. BQT™ would be inviting its traders and blockchain enthusiasts to participate in its affiliate program.


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