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Own and Secure Data with 1.8 million Others: How GXChain Built the Blockcity


Own and Secure Data with 1.8 million Others: How GXChain Built the Blockcity

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BEIJING, July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- "Blockcity is the largest and most active blockchain community in China, and even in the whole world," said Yunpeng Ding, GXChain Regional Manager North America recently at GXChain press conference in China. "We are really proud of the ecosystem we created. As of July 2018, there are more than 1.86 million registered users in Blockcity, comparing to the population of the whole crypto world, this is a really huge proportion. Not to mention 40% of them are daily active users."

Blockcity is a mobile app that incentivizes users to cultivate marketable data and rewards them with GXS tokens if users choose to share their information tags with the community. It aims to create an easy and convenient way for ordinary people to take advantage of the blockchain's technical advances.

The Blockcity becomes one of the most active blockchain community not only because its easy access is based on a reliable and stable public chain -- GXChain, but also because it offers an effective solution for people to take full control of their personal data, allowing users to manage and authorize their data.

Earlier this month, the research institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information of China released its most recent Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index ranking. First time to be included in the index, GXChain was placed fourth out of 31 public chains scoring high on the three factors that the index was based: technology, applications, and innovation.

"Blockcity" is the first personal mobile app developed on the public trust chain -- GXChain. It is a personal data management tool that addresses data management and data sharing issues. Its vision is to create a virtual city of blockchain and a microcosm of a future credit society.

Entering Blockcity, users will create a universal digital identity G-ID. This requires users to provide governmental issued identification documents. In this way, Blockcity is linking online and offline credibility, while at the same time keeping all users' information securely stored.

The users' operations and behaviors in Blockcity are attentively recorded by the system because the development team of Blockcity believes credibility is the cornerstone of the survival of the whole ecosystem. Moreover, that is why Blockcity becomes an ideal ecosystem for all credit compliance that all social behaviors will be linked to credit and the quality of credit will determine the social status of residents

Blockcity has a built-in incentive mechanism to encourage users to authorize personal data in multiple dimensions and enrich their data dimensions meaning the users can truly take control of their personal data. Moreover, Blockcity guarantees never to cache data but to protect user privacy. With the user's authorization, these data can be cultivated and applied to different applications.

GXChain created the CBD data economic ecology on the GXChain. Beside the large personal application on the C terminal – the "Blockcity" Dapp, which is dedicated to solving personal data management and data sharing problems, GXChain also created the first enterprise application on the B terminal – "GXChain Decentralized Exchange". It uses the decentralized method to address the trust and circulation issues in the data security exchange industry. By providing service and opportunities for developers on the D terminal, GXChain releases the commercial value of those data and creates a better supporting system for the traffic, capital, technology, and platform docking on GXChain.

GXChain is one of the most fast-growing public chain in the world:

Performance: Ranked 63rd on Coinmarketcap (07/17/2018)

1. Circulation Exchange
Binance,, etc.

2.Stability of Market Value

Despite the bear market in 2018, GXS ranks top 7th in drop resistant among the small market capitalization (50-100) and ranks 28th among top 100 cryptocurrencies.

Up till now, the number of projects applied on GXChain has exceeded 3,000. Nearly 100 projects are under incubation. More than 20 representative projects launched, such as Blockcity, DES, CoinGet, Prophet, Unitopia, WanLiMa, YuBiBao, LendChain, Lucia, DAMO, etc.

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