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Anpac Bio Recognizes 30% Valuation Increase Upon Signing New Customers: 16th and 17th Global Fortune 500 Companies & International Insurance Provider


Anpac Bio Recognizes 30% Valuation Increase Upon Signing New Customers: 16th and 17th Global Fortune 500 Companies & International Insurance Provider

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SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Chris Yu, Chief Executive Officer of international life sciences corporation, Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company, announced the company's valuation leapt nearly 30% immediately following news reports that Anpac Bio successfully secured its 16th and 17th global Fortune 500 companies, as well as a respected international insurance provider, among its newest customers.

International life sciences leader Anpac Bio-Medical Science Company has developed breakthrough, proprietary, "Cancer Differentiation Analysis" technology that effectively reinvents cancer screening and early detection. Anpac's proprietary CDA medical devices analyze simple, standard, non-invasive "Blood Biopsies" - resulting in measurably greater early cancer detection sensitivity and specificity, with no harmful side effects in patients. The proven results of 25,000 cases to date demonstrate CDA's research validity achieving an average sensitivity and specificity rate range of 75%-90% for ten different types of cancer -- often identifying the type and location of threatening, diseased cancer cells before they form into tumors. (PRNewsFoto/Anpac Bio-Medical Science Co.)

Because its new customers have contracted with Anpac Bio to provide its multi-award winning, "Cancer Differentiation Analysis" (CDA) liquid biopsy screening within corporate, employee, and member health benefits packages; has appreciably increased the number of hospitals and medical institutions utilizing the company's services; and has demonstrated significant market penetration as the only multi-cancer liquid biopsy provider fully-commercialized and earning screening revenue; Anpac Bio has recognized a 100% valuation increase over Anpac Bio's Q2 2017 valuation.

Anpac Bio's proprietary CDA technology effectively reinvents early cancer screening and detection. Comprehensive research validity data from 100,000+ cases processed (to date), demonstrate CDA diagnostics consistently detects 26+ different cancers -- with sensitivity and specificity rates of 75%-90% -- usually identifying cancer at the earliest stages. And it does so without any harmful side effects in patients; generating far fewer "false positives"; at a cost, substantially lower than traditional testing (such as imaging); and generating results within minutes of sample submission. 

Pioneering liquid biopsy research (Anpac Bio launched CDA in 2010), and responsible for such award-winning and disruptive innovations as: multi-cancer screenings in a single test; multi-level/multi-parameter screening of standard blood samples; and mass, low-cost, but highly-accurate, testing without resulting patient side effects; Anpac Bio has filed 200+ CDA-related patent applications worldwide – 90+ issued by 20 countries (to date).

However, in response to the increased volume and demand for further services by medical, insurance, corporate, and individual customers, Anpac Bio has also expanded its regulatory-agency certified laboratories worldwide - now also offering clinical bio-chemistry, immunology, genomics, and pathology, among other services.

States Dr. Yu: "Anpac Bio's diverse services, quality, execution, and wide range of products; as well as our proven global leadership developing award-winning, innovative and novel technology; is clearly generating heightened trust and exponentially-increased business from our leading, global customers. We are proud to enhance our services and continually improve our technology, to meet and exceed our customers' needs."

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