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Omni Sourcing Launches Shift-Left Analytics Portal with Integrations to Sauce Labs Test Analytics


Omni Sourcing Launches Shift-Left Analytics Portal with Integrations to Sauce Labs Test Analytics

New Portal Provides Executives with Tools to Evaluate Efficiency and Costs Associated with Software Development and Testing

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DALLAS, July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Omni Sourcing, a leading technology solutions and testing company, today announced the launch of its Shift-Left Analytics Portal, a new system that integrates both with Sauce Labs Test Analytics and an organization's defect database to provide deep insights into testing and the overall Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). The portal provides the first comprehensive set of analytics dashboards specifically focused on development and functional testing (Selenium/Appium), highlighting the value and costs associated with testing.

Shift-Left Analytics Portal provides deep insights into the costs associated with defects in the software development lifecycle so executives and managers can evaluate the efficiency of the SDLC across teams and vendors. Defects found earlier in the lifecycle reduce the overall costs of delivering applications and improves time to market.

"Testing is critical to an organization's DevOps initiative. When testing is integrated into every phase of the SDLC, defects can be identified early in the development process to dramatically speed time to market," said John Coyle, VP of Business Development, Sauce Labs. "With the Shift-Left Analytics Portal, executives and managers have access to dashboards that provide easily digestible, real-time details on the effectiveness of the development process across the organization."

Test Analytics provides real-time visibility into tests across teams, platforms and applications by highlighting tests that are slow, inconsistent or defective. Root-cause analysis is performed in the portal to determine the specific phase of the SDLC for each error and the probable cause for the error. This functionality improves an organization's efficiency by quickly identifying bottlenecks and high-impact quality issues that ultimately results in faster, better software releases.

"Omni Sourcing sees tremendous value in Sauce Labs Test Analytics," said William Harrison, Founder of Omni Sourcing. "With our ability to integrate with customer databases and the Sauce Labs Test Analytics API, we can uncover and display cost data for every step in the Software Development Lifecycle process. This data is key to keeping companies lean, efficient and optimizing application releases."

The Shift-Left Analytics Portal is customized for each organization, providing individualized integrations and dashboards that report key performance indicators to the user community. The portal's dashboards provide insights into defects, testing, and expenses so management can evaluate launch readiness and costs.

"The way businesses differentiate today is through speed and quality, delighting customers with digital experiences faster than the competition," said John Coyle, VP Business Development, Sauce Labs. "Testing has long been a bottleneck in the software delivery process. Omni Sourcing's Analytics Portal, integrated with Sauce Labs Test Analytics, provides comprehensive data and analytics to identify the bottlenecks in the DevOps process so that executives can free up resources to release applications faster."

The Omni Sourcing Shift-Left Analytics Portal is available now. All accounts currently using Sauce Labs can have the portal as an add-on contact Omni Sourcing for pricing. Register here for the introduction webinar on Wednesday, August 1 at 10:00 a.m. PT. :

About Omni Sourcing: Omni Sourcing is a technology solutions company that focuses on providing solutions for application development, testing services, consulting services and production support for companies across various industries.

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