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10-Year-Old Stadiumred Group to Grow Global Business with Investment from Magna Entertainment


10-Year-Old Stadiumred Group to Grow Global Business with Investment from Magna Entertainment

New York based Stadiumred Group, a holding company with operating businesses in the marketing, communications and live events, has secured an outside investment from NY-based Magna Entertainment.

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NEW YORK, July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- New York based Stadiumred Group, a holding company with operating businesses in the marketing, communications and live events, has secured an outside investment from NY-based Magna Entertainment in order to further expand its existing operating subsidiaries including: Stadiumred Life (an integrated marketing agency), Gyrosity Projects (a digital advertising agency), Stadiumred Europe (a European business development company), and Stadiumred Ventures (the group's venture business with holdings in companies including LIQS Cocktail Shots, The Audio Hunt, Crosshair Music, & The Marsé Group). Sheila Hartnett, a longtime Advisor to Stadiumred and previously the Chairman of Geometry Global North America, has been retained to help maximize profitable growth with Stadiumred as a result of the transaction.

While the Stadiumred brand's origins began with Stadiumred Studios, best known for its participation in over 30 Grammy nominated and 22 winning music projects and Stadiumred Music, which helped launch the career of billboard chart-topping artists The Chainsmokers, the brand today has evolved into a full-service marketing business driving the growth of many notable brands. Current and previous clients include renowned director Steven Soderbergh's Singani 63 liquor brand, Kenneth Cole fragrances, Mysteryland USA music festival, Rolls Royce Motor Cars North America, Wine Enthusiast, DropCar, Dom Perignon Champagne and Brown-Forman Beverages to name a few.

"It has been a long road growing and dialing in our focus these past nearly 11 years, but it is finally time to really expand on what has been working and take the group's businesses to the next level," noted Stadiumred Founder & CEO Claude Zdanow, who started the business ten years ago. "Our partnership with Magna will be a critical part of helping us grow our business by providing our clients with additional capabilities. I could not be more excited about what the futures holds as we move into this next chapter," he concluded.

Stadiumred's recent growth has been fueled by expanded client relationships in the US and their recent acquisition of Gyrosity Projects and Crosshair Music. The partnership with Magna Entertainment will be the backbone to a roll-up strategy Stadiumred plans to execute over the next 24 months, starting with the acquisition of Nashville based Gyrosity Projects.

"While we've known Claude and partnered with Stadiumred on many an occasion prior, we're excited to formalize this partnership. Through our venture with Stadiumred, we're not only getting access to a top tier marketing agency, but also a long-term play to bring better digital marketing servicing to our music investments across the board through the acquisition of Gyrosity. As experts in the media and entertainment space, Stadiumred is a valuable asset for us to have in our portfolio. We're excited for the road ahead and the synergies it has and will further provide," said Magna Entertainment Portfolio Manager Andrew Kotliar.

The Stadiumred Group and the Stadiumred brand have evolved since the founding of its first business a decade ago, but Zdanow's vision for the brand has always remained unchanged - To be the catalyst behind incredible creatives, creators and entrepreneurs. Zdanow noted "Everything the Stadiumred Group does is about making positive change happen for all the organizations and people we touch. Whether it is marketing a new product or helping an independent musician earn a living from the music they create, the Stadiumred brand has always been about making a difference that helps grow business…and always having a bit of fun while doing it."

About Stadiumred

The Stadiumred Group is a global marketing and communications holding company with a rich history that started in the music industry and evolved over nearly ten years. A history that has propelled Stadiumred Group to become a leader in growing businesses through its unique approach to marketing and building companies, across industries. Founded on an idea of what a brand should be, the Stadiumred Group was founded in 2007 and has offices across New York, Nashville, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. From the early days, of building a world-class recording studio facility when no one else believed it could be done, to today, when the group has grown far beyond the music industry and operates companies in marketing verticals, ranging from digital advertising to experiential marketing, and beyond. Always pushing boundaries, Stadiumred is about a passion for the arts, a love of life, quality service, innovation, fun and a sense of making a difference.

About Magna

Magna is a diversified holding and investment company operating across three divisions - Magna:equities, Magna:ventures, Magna:entertainment - with over 90 employees between offices in New York and Sydney. Founded in 2009 by Entrepreneur Joshua Sason, Magna quickly established itself as a leading global emerging growth public investor and has since leveraged its infrastructure and core expertise to build similarly substantial businesses in private equity and entertainment, funding and fostering independent, entrepreneurial talent, whether in the form of an emerging artist or a promising tech start-up.


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