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KERV Interactive (formerly Grabit Interactive Media) Has Cracked the Code for Interactive & Shoppable Video


KERV Interactive (formerly Grabit Interactive Media) Has Cracked the Code for Interactive & Shoppable Video

Grabit Interactive Media is now KERV Interactive. This is much more than a rebrand - after years of quietly building upon their patented technology, they believe they have cracked the code for interactive video engagement.

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AUSTIN, Texas, July 25, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The name KERV is derived directly from the patented technology that identifies objects in any video by their curved pixel edges. This allows each individual object in the video to be interactive.

This type of technology has been attempted before, but the team at KERV claims to have figured out the missing link. Rather than just focusing on specific products, what some call "hotspots", every object & image within the content now becomes a "hotspot" — allowing limitless brand storytelling and e-commerce opportunities.

CEO Jon Flatt says, "Our technology allows us to leverage 12+ proprietary in-video metrics against 120+ data-driven models to create unprecedented optimization and performance. We've developed a proprietary eco-system exclusively for the distribution and performance of interactive video and banners - we call it the DEN - Dimensional Engagement Network."

Flatt states that the combination of their technology UX and publisher integrations have fundamentally and dramatically increased the rate of user adoption.

The KERV philosophy is to provide true transparency with No Wall Gardening of their proprietary in-video data points. Sharing that data with clients brings their existing video content to life in more ways than one: It reinforces key components of branding/awareness campaigns, provides a sales lift by making every product shoppable, and dramatically informs and improves future video content development and personalization by understanding the user interaction data.

About KERV Interactive

KERV is a digital advertising platform built on cutting-edge patented technology that identifies objects by their pixel edges in any video stream.

Leveraging breakthrough Machine Learning techniques, KERV technology recognizes depth, dimension, and objects within a video just as the natural eye does. This enables every frame in every scene of any digital video to be an immersive, interactive experience for consumers.

The DEN (Dimensional Engagement Network) is KERV'S proprietary network of technology integrations with top distribution platforms and premium publishers.


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