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Harman Law Firm in Atlanta Files a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against the Georgia Department of Corrections


Harman Law Firm in Atlanta Files a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against the Georgia Department of Corrections

Mother of Teen Who Allegedly Starved to Death in Prison Charges "Deliberate Indifference"

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ATLANTA, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- According to the complaint, Jimmy Lucero was placed under the care of the Georgia Department of Corrections in November 2015. Subsequently, 19-year-old Jimmy Lucero's physical and mental health rapidly deteriorated, while repeated requests for physical and mental health care were declined or labeled "not warranted" by medical personnel. (United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia Macon Division; Case 5:18-cv-00228-TES.)

"Given the inexcusable circumstances surrounding Jimmy Lucero's death, our firm is committed to advocate on behalf of Jimmy's family, and to bring Jimmy's family the justice and the peace of mind that they deserve," says Matt Harman of the Harman Law Firm.

The lawsuit complaint states that Jimmy Lucero was incarcerated in November 2015 at the age of 19 for theft and was sentenced to two years under the care of the Georgia Department of Corrections. Upon his arrival, Jimmy's physical and mental capacity began to decline, as he experienced depression, hallucinations and severe mental distress, causing him to enter a state of catatonia. Despite his rapid regression, the complaint states that the State of Georgia and its correctional system allegedly failed to provide Jimmy with the basic medical interventions that were increasingly urgent as his condition worsened. Upon his arrival at the Augusta State Medical Prison in May 2016, his physical and mental state continued to decline significantly, despite alleged numerous observations by medical staff.

As Jimmy Lucero's surviving parent, "Dina" ines Estrada Madrid, is entitled to bring a lawsuit for Jimmy's wrongful death. The named defendants are medical personnel who personally examined Jimmy.

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