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TagWell and Sweat Party are Teaming up to Promote Healthy Lifestyles at the Third Annual SweatFest NYC


TagWell and Sweat Party are Teaming up to Promote Healthy Lifestyles at the Third Annual SweatFest NYC

TagWell is an innovative health and wellness app created to bring the community together through activities of healthy living such as group fitness, meditation and nutrition. On Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018, TagWell will sponsor Sweat Party's third annual SweatFest in NYC with music, group workouts, local vendors and more!

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NEW YORK, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The innovative health and wellness digital platform TagWell will sponsor Sweat Party's third annual SweatFest NYC. This year's celebration of wellness and healthy living is slated to welcome more than 1000 guests from the Tri-State area and surrounding city residents on Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018 at Adam Clayton Powell State Office Plaza, 125th Street, Harlem, NYC.

TagWell and Sweat Party are teaming up to fill the gaping void of diversity in the integrated health and wellness industry. The two partners aim to flex the narrative of wellness in the U.S. by providing lower-income communities with seamless access to group fitness classes, recreational activities and other essentials of healthy living. Stretching its roots from the infamous NYC nightlife scene, Sweat Party has equipped the club mentality to end sedentary lifestyles and make wellness a fun and exciting experience for underprivileged communities.

The newly established TagWell Foundation supports this cause through its own website and health and wellness app. The mission of the non-profit group is to make wellness social and fully accessible to lower-income communities through its wellness marketplace and social app, TagWell. These areas of the country lack robust integrated health and wellness programs and healthy lifestyles due to safety concerns and tight finances. According to the U.S. News & World Report, "Studies have shown that counties with the highest rates of poverty have the greatest rate of sedentary residents, as well as the highest diabetes rates." However, with the community app, TagWell, residents of these communities will soon have increased access to fun and free activities, from group fitness and dance to meditation, yoga, nutrition classes and everything in between to break down the cycle of sedentary living. The TagWell Foundation also aims to promote a sense of well-being and productivity across these communities that, in response, will work to decrease the violence and drug abuse prevalent in these areas.

Meet the TagWell team at SweatFest NYC Harlem 2018 as renowned fitness influencer and SweatFest host Lita Lewis, along with several popular fitness instructors, pump up the fitness party. Dance (and crunch) to the beats of a hot NYC DJ lineup as you participate in a variety of exciting, free health and wellness activities. You'll also get the chance to personally chat with the TagWell team, SweatFest instructors, and several other business leaders in the health and wellness industry to learn the best steps to bring healthy habits into your life.

Sweat Party and TagWell guarantee that this will be an entertaining and empowering day for all guests, no matter where they are on their fitness journey. This is the party of the year that you simply won't want to miss!

About TagWell

TagWell is a social app and marketplace dedicated to bringing people together through integrated health and wellness activities that are fully accessible to our community and enterprise partners. TagWell CEO, Sheila Malhotra says, "Our mission is to transform wellness into a lifestyle experience where you feel welcomed, excited, and comfortable with new friends and confident in your instructor." The web and mobile health and fitness app originated from the TagWell team's drive to reconnect the community through the basic necessity of prioritizing all aspects of healthy living. Until now, the worlds of wellness and technology have slowly devolved into isolated and independent experiences. TagWell blends the best of both worlds — convenience, social networking, customization, good health and fun experiences — into one easy-to-use mobile health and wellness platform that recharges the bonds within our community through shared healthy living.

The innovative team behind TagWell takes pride in partnering with local wellness industry leaders to provide top quality group fitness classes, recreational activities and other health services. Users can easily access and book hundreds of nearby sessions in fitness, sports, health, nutrition, recreation, lifestyle and spiritual well-being based on their personal preferences. Once a class is booked, users can join a chat with professional group fitness instructors and attendees. Because of this, TagWell transforms the basic need of self-care into a social and motivational experience by delivering seamless access to local health and wellness opportunities right to your fingertips.

Through donations and contributions, the TagWell Foundation will continue to provide underprivileged communities with free access to health and wellness programs, activities and events. Their mission is to inspire, educate and motivate people to live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives. To learn more about the movement, visit

About Sweat Party

The Sweat Party is a dynamic lifestyle brand on a mission to shatter the conventions of traditional fitness regimens through music, pop culture and community. With its birth in the infamous NYC nightlife scene, Sweat Party became the go-to event each season for club-goers to ditch the six-inch heels for a pair of high tops and swap out the skinny jeans for some gray sweat pants and just dance, leaving drenched in sweat. Featuring the hottest DJs spinning the freshest tracks and themed events encompassing fashion, art and interactive media, Sweat Party has quickly evolved from a dance party to an integrated health and wellness movement.

The Sweat Party brand has grown into an incomparable entity, with a strong following demanding more presence, involvement and innovative projects. The past three years saw the implementation of Sweat Jr. and Sweat U youth programs, giving schools and organizations the opportunity to expand their current physical education initiatives, as well as to educate youth about the importance of nutrition, fitness and collaborative charity events. Sweat Shop signature apparel most recently launched SweatFest, the first group fitness, health and music festival showcasing the best in all things health and wellness, from high-intensity fitness boot camps to holistic healing, life coaching, nutrition workshops, and dance classes.

Sweat Party also had the opportunity to tour over the past three years, hosting fitness events in Sydney, Australia and co-presenting the largest fitness event in Atlanta, Georgia with VH1 R&B Diva, Syleena Johnson. Sweat Party also co-hosted a fitness and wellness charity event in the Philippines for displaced typhoon victims. With its strong creative media campaigns, edgy social presence and an incredibly diverse team, Sweat Party is a force to be reckoned with.



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