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"Cereal Entrepreneur" Who Never Quits Makes Her Move To Organic Apparel


"Cereal Entrepreneur" Who Never Quits Makes Her Move To Organic Apparel

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ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Within its strands of organic cotton is woven the aspiration: I am enough.

Whether your hair is short or long, thick or thin, up, down or in dreadlocks, the headband fit is so light you almost don't know it's there. Yet it does not slip off, as Rani's Video demonstrates.

Search "Rani Bookvich" and you discover that she is a "cereal entrepreneur"—the word play is intentional—who has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her organic cotton apparel company Ethyc4Humanity.

"I was on a fast track to go to Milan, Italy, when my immune system collapsed," she says.

By experimenting with food, Rani healed herself and joined her mom in the kitchen. They tried thousands of combinations of baked grains and other nutrients and created Rani's Yummy, a cereal product that sold out because of its flavor and effectiveness in weight-loss.

"I didn't have the capital to expand," Rani says. "I easily got meetings with potential business partners and food manufacturers, but they wanted to reduce what made it so exceptionally healthy while tasting so good."

Rani parked her cereal enterprise and looked around for a health-giving product she could bootstrap and control.

"Headbands are essential to both fashion and fitness. They have frustrated me since I was eight.  Many either slip or fit too tight and give you a ring or a headache. And many are made of plastic.

"Once buried in landfills, anything made of plastic does not biodegrade but instead releases toxins into the air and ground water over a thousand years," Rani laments. "Why would you wear a headband for healthy exercise that does that?"

"I created an organic, pesticide-free and insecticide-free, high-thread cotton headband that fits so lightly on your head you can barely feel it. Even on an Olympic gymnast, my headband will not slip. I located sources of organic cotton and an ethical company that could manufacture to my standards with a choice of three interwoven affirmations: I am enough. I am healed and I am made my move."

"Then I launched my Kickstarter campaign," Rani says.

"I am healed, and I am making my move."

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We have a strong belief that a change is needed in the apparel industry -- most specifically in manufacturing.  After years of finding the only option of synthetic-based materials for fitness apparel, we made it our mission to enact change.  The drive and idea behind Ethyc4humanity apparel is to provide wearable, sustainable and ethically produced materials made from 100% pure organic cotton. We wanted the same comfort you would find from organic cotton to be wrapped around your head. Look good. (PRNewsfoto/Ethyc LLC)

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