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Alcott HR CEO and Chairman Louis Basso Announces Steven Politis, Esq. as President


Alcott HR CEO and Chairman Louis Basso Announces Steven Politis, Esq. as President

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FARMINGDALE, N.Y., July 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Louis Basso, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board at Alcott HR (, a leading provider of human resources outsourcing (HRO) solutions and a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) with offices in Farmingdale and Buffalo, New York, announced the promotion of Chief Operating Officer (COO) Steven Politis, Esq. to President, a position formerly held by Basso. Politis, who joined Alcott HR in 2015 as Vice President, will retain his role as COO.

According to Basso, "Steve has always been part of our succession plan at Alcott HR. Our working relationship with Steve spans over two decades, including simultaneous chairmanships of the New York and New Jersey leadership councils for the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO). When we approached him about joining our executive team, it was with the intention that he would ultimately assume the reins of leadership as part of our transition plan." Basso noted that Barry Shorten, with whom he cofounded Alcott HR in 1987,continues to serve as a consultant following his pivotal role as Executive Vice President where he spearheaded the company's successful migration to a new leading-edge Information Technology platform.

Basso continued, "Steve has all of the right skills and expertise to continue advancing Alcott HR's growth plan. Politis noted that, "Alcott HR is uniquely positioned to continue fulfilling its mission while also expanding its offerings to serve more organizations. We have an enviable combination of financial stability and longevity, along with a culture of entrepreneurship and creativity that enables us to be nimble and flexible in meeting the demands of the market, as well as our current and prospective clients. For us, every client engagement begins with a genuine Human Resources Assessment to best identify their needs and the respective fit, rather than simply shoehorning a one size fits all solution."

Under Basso and Shorten's leadership, Alcott HR has enjoyed a steady growth attributed to its high-quality service and active role in promoting higher standards and accountability within the PEO industry. Politis expects to bring his own brand of leadership, building on the legacy established by the founders. Over the past few years, he has initiated enhancements to the company's management infrastructure, introducing new roles such as Director of People and Culture and Strategic Projects Manager, and has plans for other new positions such as Data Scientist to help Alcott's clients continue to grow and prosper. 

Continued Politis, "For Alcott HR and many of our clients and their employees, the workplace includes members of as many as five distinct generations, each with their own needs and motivations. We know, for example, that the millennial generation places a high priority on flex time, more health plan options, and a benefit that helps with their student loans. By contrast Generation Z, which is now entering the workforce, places a higher value on financial security, as their childhoods where often framed by the great recession. By recognizing and accommodating changing workforce dynamics, Alcott HR is able to achieve the highest levels of employee engagement and productivity."

Politis shared a quote Basso frequently says, which is, "Regardless of the political climate, it is tough being an employer and Alcott will be there to help their clients." He added that Alcott HR is constantly evaluating how it can deliver its services in additional ways that can bring its value proposition to more organizations for which the PEO platform may not be ideal.

"We're looking to extend our offering with solutions that bridge to the PEO offering or can be accessed as standalone services," said Politis. "We also expect to further leverage our standing as a member of the Cameron group of companies, which includes premier organizations such as American Fidelity, First Fidelity Bank, First Financial Group of America and many more, all of which have synergistic offerings that would benefit everyone's clients."Currently, Alcott HR, which began as a New York PEO, has clientslocated throughout the United States.

About Alcott HR

Founded in 1987, Alcott HR is a leading nationwide provider of Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) services. The company provides comprehensive and customizable HR solutions that empower business leaders to focus on core revenue-producing functions instead of time-consuming and expensive HR tasks. Services include regulatory compliance, HR best practices, payroll, risk management training and development, employee benefits and payroll tax administration.

Headquartered in Farmingdale, NY and with an office in Buffalo, Alcott HR services a wide range of clients in diverse industries, including growing businesses, professional associations, not for profit organizations and other for profit corporations. These clients are located across the United States.

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