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Dr. Keith Ablow Adds Color To His Prescription Works Of Art


Dr. Keith Ablow Adds Color To His Prescription Works Of Art

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BOSTON, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Keith Ablow, MD, considered one of the 5 most influential psychiatrists alive ( and one of the 35 most famous psychiatrists to ever have lived ( has added a color series of supersized prescriptions to his art work, which has already been acquired by some of the most serious art collectors in the world.

Collectors of Ablow's work include billionaire stock trader and modern art aficionado Steve Cohen, Guggenheim Capital founder Todd Morley, public relations icon Ronn Torossian and billionaire art collector Doug Meijer.

The works of art are displayed at

"As a psychiatrist, I know my profession is a powerful lens that can bring the truth about individual lives into focus and help people see that truth for themselves.," Ablow reflects in his Artist's Statement, online.  "I believe the same lens I use to treat patients can be trained on our culture, in a search for insights that will move human beings toward bold thought and action. I reject the notion that psychiatry is only a listening profession. I think psychiatry and psychiatrists have a lot to say, given all we have been privileged to hear. If only, I have thought in lighthearted moments, a psychiatrist like me could write prescriptions that would prompt people not only to take medicine, but to reflect deeply—the way patients will sit back in my office and wrestle with questions I have asked—then perhaps many could be coaxed a bit closer to living with passion and purpose."

PROJECT PRESCRIPTION is Ablow's way of harnessing his psychiatric skills, the power of prescription writing and the power of art and media to make people think and make them debate.

Dr. Ablow is the former host of the nationally-syndicated Dr. Keith Ablow Show (Warner Brothers), a New York Times bestselling self-help author and New York Times bestselling true crime writer and a former 10-year Fox News Contributor.  He has appeared over 1,000 times on Oprah, Today, CBS This Morning, Inside Edition, 20/20 and a host of other television programs.

For more information on Dr. Ablow's art, contact call 978-462-1125 or contact Vivian Horan Fine Art in Manhattan (

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