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True Nutrition Sets Guinness World Record for the Largest Container of Protein Powder


True Nutrition Sets Guinness World Record for the Largest Container of Protein Powder

Leading Nutrition and Supplement Company Achieves over 2200 lbs. of Cookies N' Cream Protein in Giant Replica Container to Set World Record and Support the Challenged Athletes Foundation

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VISTA, Calif., July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- True Nutrition, a leading manufacturer of protein powders and supplements known for their high quality ingredients and rigorous sourcing standards, has set the official Guinness World Record for the Largest Container of Protein Powder. Up until 2008, the record for the largest container of protein powder had been 250 kg, or 551 lbs. True Nutrition quadrupled this record by successfully filling a 10 foot tall, and 5 foot wide True Nutrition branded container with 2200 lbs of 'Cookies N' Cream' flavored vegan protein powder.

Co-Founder of True Nutrition, Doug Smith, grew up reading Guinness World Records books and stats and had a dream to one day accomplish his own record. In 2003, he co-founded True Nutrition with his bodybuilding-training friend, Dante Trudell, as a solution to create custom protein powders and supplements that were not loaded with artificial ingredients, chemicals and fillers. The result was a company that would prioritize high quality and pure ingredients, ethical sourcing and uphold the most rigorous product standards. To this day, True Nutrition invests more in quality over excessive brand marketing and 3rd party tests all of their products to verify the value that is offered to customers.

"The idea of going after this particular record was easy," said Smith. "I combined my desire to one day set a Guinness World Record with my passion to create the cleanest protein powders in the world." The team was immediately on board and it was an incredible undertaking, yet we are thrilled to have achieved this."

YouTube Celebrity and Science Guy, Nick Uhas of Nickepia was on site to document the step-by-step process of attaining this record, complete with interviews from the True Nutrition team. The video, which can be viewed here, captures how the protein was made, then mixed in a jumbo blender and then carefully poured, bag by bag, 100 lbs. at a time, into the large replica cylinder container. In accordance with Guinness World Record guidelines, there was a camera running at all times to document how the weight on the CAS CI-200s scale would rise, as each bag of Cookies N' Cream flavored protein was poured in. The video also has behind the scenes footage and interview clips with the team from True Nutrition to educate audiences more about how protein is made and the mission behind True Nutrition.

In addition to supporting good health and muscle building, True Nutrition is supporting the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), an organization that provides opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. All proceeds from each bag of Cookies N' Cream Pea Protein that was repackaged will support these athletes.

"It was an honor to be involved in this attempt and even more so to see it through to completion," said Tom Sharkey, Operations Manager for True Nutrition. "Our entire team and even families were involved in helping to create an exact replica container alongside mixing, prepping and pouring the Cookies N' Cream protein. We're proud of the record, grateful for our customer support and happy to be supporting a great cause."

Limited quantities of the official World Record Pea Protein can be purchased at, sold in 2.2 lb. bags. The protein powder has only 3 ingredients, is sugar free and has 25g of protein per serving.

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