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Ahmed Nashaat Releases Newer Version of Blog with More Features


Ahmed Nashaat Releases Newer Version of Blog with More Features

Version 3.0 of the recently launched travel blog of Ahmed Nashaat will arrive in August.

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LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The recently released travel blog of Ahmed Nashaat has become so popular that a new version will soon make its debut to enhance the user experience on the website.

Ahmed will release version 3.0 of his microsite in August, much sooner than initially scheduled due to the increasing amount of traffic and large number of requests received since spring to make the microsite even more user friendly. The original site has been updated with a number of brand-new features, including better social media integration and the ability to share posts more easily on mobile devices.

The purpose of Ahmed's blog is to provide advice and tips on what travelers should do when they find themselves in tricky situations in foreign countries with no help around. For instance, Ahmed recalls losing his passport during a recent trip to Egypt. Fortunately, his friend -- an Egyptian local -- was with him when this happened, so he received the help he needed. The reality is that not many others would receive this type of help, according to Ahmed. Other situations he addresses on his blog include what travelers should do when they become ill and require hospitalization while abroad, and how to contact a United States embassy for help as needed.

Ahmed's blog additionally covers some of the many exotic and exciting continents he has visited both for pleasure and for work, ranging from South America to Asia and Australia. He essentially uses his travel opportunities to share with others through his microsite what they can expect when they travel to such places. For instance, the readers of his popular blog can learn about various countries' customers, cultures, traditions, hidden gems, local lifestyles, and tourist attractions. Through Ahmed Nashaat's site, travel enthusiasts can receive both information and inspiration for their future global excursions.


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