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Is 2018 Turning into 1984?


Is 2018 Turning into 1984?

Tom DeWeese, author of Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals, says property rights are under assault, not just privacy

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WARRENTON, Va., July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Who really owns and controls your private property … you or Big Brother? Tom DeWeese, a nationally known expert on property rights, says, "Rules, regulations, taxes, licensing—they are all governments at every level talk about. Rarely does one hear a word about protecting an individual's property, or encouraging building the economy with free enterprise, or individual creativity. Such concepts have become a threat to well-laid government plans and projects. Those who propose such ideas of freedom are labeled as radicals. Meanwhile government invades every aspect of our lives—unabated."

In his new book, the #1 Amazon best-seller Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individual, DeWeese describes in detail the process being used at every level of government to reorganize our society through the destruction of private property. Even more worrisome, perhaps is the toll so-called "sustainable development" or "smart growth" programs is taking on our inner cities, America's poor and America's rural heartland.

He argues that private property ownership is the single most effective tool for eradicating poverty, yet it is being systematically eliminated under these programs.

The assault on the inner cities destroys hope

DeWeese points out that low income and ethnic neighborhoods have traditions, history and family ties. Yet city smart growth programs, funded by federal grants, attack with bulldozers, destroy small local businesses and private property. Massive high-rise condos and corporate businesses replace the original residents who are now unable to afford to live in their old neighborhood. Their fate is to be forced into government housing and welfare programs, from which there is little ability to leave or plan lives of their own.  

Moving people off rural lands

"How do you remove people from the rural areas and herd them into the cities?" DeWeese asks. Make it impossible to live there, DeWeese says. "When you control water and energy use the land is locked away from human activity."

Selling an international agenda as "local"
Finally, he says, sustainable development's agenda is being sold to the public as a "comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society." And it is exactly that. Yet, the public is being conned into believing it is being created locally. But all of the policies enforce international building, electrical and plumbing codes, he observes.

About the Author

Tom DeWeese is president of the American Policy Center in suburban Washington, D.C., a grassroots action and education foundation dedicated to the promotion of free enterprise and limited government regulations over commerce and individuals. He is also the author of the policy book Now Tell Me I Was Wrong, and the political thriller, ERASE.

To promote his strongly held philosophy of free enterprise, national sovereignty, and limited government, he travels extensively across the nation speaking out as an advocate of private property rights and personal privacy protections. Recognized internationally as an expert in these fields, DeWeese has been quoted in such national publications as the New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, while making regular appearances on a large list of national and local radio and television news programs.

Contact: Tom DeWeese, (540) 341-8911;;

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