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Anesthesiologist Creates First Skin-Safe Eye Protection for Use During Surgery


Anesthesiologist Creates First Skin-Safe Eye Protection for Use During Surgery

Stop risking corneal abrasions and skin irritations due to sticky medical adhesive and switch to the Med-Eye Pillow.

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CHICAGO, July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- For patients in the ICU or undergoing surgery in the operating room, the Med-Eye Pillow® is the first alternative to adhesive tape designed to keep their eyes gently closed without the risk of eye desiccation or injury.

Doctor Stephen Gipson, an anesthesiologist with over 38 years of experience, developed the pillow after witnessing allergic responses, corneal abrasions, and more caused by eyelid taping during surgery.

"Patients have enough to deal with during their post-op recovery without adding eye trauma to the mix," said Gipson. "Our goal is to make the Med-Eye Pillow a new standard of care that's safer, more humane, and easier to implement."

The Medical Eye Pillow is designed to rest over both eyes and the bridge of the nose where it provides enough pressure to keep the lids closed, yet can be lifted and discarded instantly.

Med-Eye Pillow® Highlights:

  • Uses gravity to hold the eyelids closed naturally
  • Made with small non-irritating silicone pellets encased in a porous, breathable material
  • Easy to manipulate during surgery and remove after
  • No adhesive means no allergic reactions, tearing of eyelashes or damage to delicate skin in the ocular area
  • Ideal for use with elderly patients or those with sensitive skin or skin conditions
  • Each box contains ten individually wrapped pillows that are intended for single use in conjunction with an eye lubricant.

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The Med-Eye Pillow® is the most sensible, comfortable, and safe alternative to medical tape for eye protection during general anesthesia. Invented by an anesthesiologist, it's designed for professional use in the ICU and OR and is the first innovation in this category to produce no risk of eye injury when properly applied. Website:


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