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'Putin's Puppet' - a Russian-Born Artist's Perspective on Today's US and Russian Relations


'Putin's Puppet' - a Russian-Born Artist's Perspective on Today's US and Russian Relations

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OLD WESTBURY, N.Y., July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Alexander Wagman, a New York-based, Russian-born artist and sculptor, recently completed a political satire piece entitled "Putin's Puppet."

The sculpture, a freestanding 39" high acrylic painted urethane resin and polyurethane rubber cast, depicts the head of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, atop the body of a wriggling octopus. Wearing an impish grin, Putin covertly wraps his tentacles around the bigheaded, small-handed, likeness of current US president, Donald Trump.

The analogy is clear; the octopus, a stealthy and cunning hunter, catches its prey by surprise and under camouflage. It consumes its food from the inside out, leaving only an empty shell behind. Its arms not only encircle the body of President Trump, but are also seen entering the figure's pockets, suggesting not only a physical influence but a financial influence as well.

Wagman, whose family fled Communist Russia under Stalin in 1957, and later immigrated to the US, has a personal connection to the piece and felt it was important to make a statement on the current political climate between the US and Russia and provide commentary on the current leaders of both nations.

About Alexander Wagman

Born in Russia, Alex Wagman was attracted to art as a child, drawing and sculpting images from American popular culture. With his family, he immigrated to Israel in 1957. Following three years in the army, including the Six Day War, he emigrated from Israel to the United States in 1972.

Wagman's own satirical bent is clearly expressed in his work, which often turns its attention to the public sphere. His pieces are typically biting, incensed portrayals, representing the political and social extremists that Wagman sees as trying to hijack the ideals of a free and democratic society.


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