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FansTime Gears Up for Its Major Debut in Korea


FansTime Gears Up for Its Major Debut in Korea

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BEIJING, July 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- There were many blockchain-related summits and forums over the past couple of months, but none of them have managed to influence the industry and make progress towards the greater development of the industry like FansTime has done. The Global Blockchain Elite Forum launched by FansTime made a massive impression on the Chinese blockchain circle in April 2018 with 1,000 elites, 20 head exchanges and had attendance over 20 famous investment institutions. The coverage of the event was continuously tracked by a total of 70 titles for a period of 30 days in China. Keep in mind that FansTime, the first blockchain-based ecosystem chooses to use this brand to make its major debut in South Korea.

Why South Korea?

As one of the world's leading markets in blockchain technology, businesses in South Korea, especially market leaders like Korea Telecom, have taken the lead to determine how to implement the blockchain technology in their respective industries in order to cut down costs and generate new types of revenue. The interest and wide application of blockchain technology have not gone unnoticed by the South Korean government, they have stepped up and introduced regulations meant to foster more growth in this particular sector.

Apart from the blockchain-friendly ecosystem that businesses enjoy, Korea is also where the entertainment industry is booming, leading the trend of popular culture in the music field thanks to the K-POP genre.

FansTime International Festival 2018 in Seoul

Due to the significance of South Korea both in the blockchain and the entertainment industry, FansTime decided to hold the second session of the Global Blockchain Elite Forum on Aug. 18 in Seoul.

FansTime will make use of the successful experience it gleaned in Macau to ensure that no holds will be barred and that the scale of this event will transcend in terms of scale and grandness. Expect to see a wider guest list, a galaxy of international celebrities and industry veterans.

As part of the FansTime International Festival 2018, the China-Korea Exchange Night promises to be a truly glittering affair for all attendees. Jointly organized by FansTime, KOREA WAHWEE and supported by KBS TV, this event sees bigwigs from both the celebrity and political fronts showing up from South Korea and China. Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the 8th Secretary General of the United Nations; Mr. Han Seung-Soo, former Prime Minister of South Korea; Mr. Oh Myung, former Deputy Prime Minister of Korea; and Mr. Yang Sung-dong, president of KBS, are amongst some of the biggest political names that will be part of the attendees. And it doesn't end there. Korean and Chinese megastars like Shinhwa, Kim Hyun-A, Tang Guoqiang, Tian Hua, and many more will also be participating, making it a night to be remembered.

The Magic Behind FansTime

Since its inception until now, FansTime has enjoyed tremendous support and growth from its partners and users alike.  

Released early March of this year, the FansTime DAPP user base has reached 120,000 and once made a breakthrough in single-week trading volume up to US$17,987,400. The total value of signed celebrities' time is worth over US$44,968,500. The new profit-sharing mechanism launched last week was warmly welcomed by its global community, especially so in China.

Furthermore, FansTime Foundation has announced that FansTime will soon be joining other well-known public blockchain projects in the entertainment industry like IPFS, TRON and more. Being a public blockchain project means FansTime can now build its fandom ecosystem in a much more independent way without restrictions caused by others.

Do look out for the FansTime Global Meetup Tour in the upcoming months. Past editions have been held in Beijing and Shanghai and will come to Seoul in April together with its FansTime International Festival 2018.




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