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Jordan Gendelman explains how to add value to property through decor


Jordan Gendelman explains how to add value to property through decor

While taste is subjective and new homebuyers are often quick to redecorate, it's possible to add value to a house or apartment through smart decor choices.

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PALM BEACH, Fla., July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- That's according to Jordan Gendelman, a professional interior designer and experienced home renovator based in Colorado. "It's about being timeless and appealing to the widest possible audience," he suggests. "Be on trend, but make sure it's not a trend which is likely to quickly go out of fashion."

By Jordan Gendelman's reckoning, however, by making a property "ready to live in" an individual can add value to their home by removing this need, and by selling a finished product. "It's about selling a lifestyle almost," he suggests.

"Look to address things which are not easily changed," advises Gendelman, "things like sanitaryware, cabinetry, and floor tiles."

Gendelman also suggests fine-tuning the look and feel of rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms by adding high-quality cabinet handles and taps. "People notice things like this, and while quality taps may be costly, things like rose gold colored cabinet handles are both inexpensive and on trend."

The interior design professional is keen to stress that, in terms of truly adding value, repairs or improvements to areas such as the roof or windows, or the addition of extra usable space, are the most solid investments.

"These aren't the things which immediately catch a person's eye though," Gendelman points out. "A new roof may be worth many thousands, but a potential buyer is more likely to notice a beautiful tiled floor or a stylish and contemporary kitchen," he adds.

If an individual is looking to sell their house or apartment, Jordan Gendelman is quick to remind them that, as sellers, if decorating to help secure a sale, it's vital to ensure that the work is being done to appeal to a wider audience, and not on a personal level.

"Don't install a hot pink kitchen, for example, or paint the bedroom walls black," he suggests. "Refer to luxury lifestyle magazines, where interior styles can often be recreated for a snip of the original cost, and go mostly neutral but with complementing accent colors."

"Ultimately," emphasizes Gendelman, in conclusion, and wrapping up, "if the property itself is structurally sound and in a good location, then adding top quality, timeless, and eye-catching decor choices can only serve to increase its value further."

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