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Announcing the Creation of a New Website − "Friends of AMORC"


Announcing the Creation of a New Website − "Friends of AMORC"

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NEW YORK, July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking a position against the Criticism and unfounded claims that AMORC is a Cult. AMORC promotes Freedom of Mind. AMORC is Not a Cult.

In full compliance with the instruction received during Peace Profound contacts with Imperator Christian Bernard and Grand Master Julie Scott in the Celestial Sanctum, the new website contains the summaries of the secret monographs of the Rosicrucian Order. The goal of this website is to dispel the myths that AMORC is a Cult (specifically claims found on The website will accomplish the four objectives listed below, as set out by the authorities of the Order.

First, the site will educate the friends of the Rosicrucian and the public at large about the content of the teachings of AMORC to make it clear to all that AMORC is NOT a cult.

Second, these summaries will serve as reviews to the Fratres and Sorores who have already gone through the monographs of the Rosicrucian, and taken every degree taught with utmost devotion. To these more advanced members, active or dormant, these summaries will serve as a refresher.  The reading will help them understand parts of the studies that were not fully digested under the 'Stress of the Moment.'

Third, to those that have not already attained these monographs which will be summarized, these readings will somewhat entice them to push forward with the full force of their 'Mystical Might' so that they can reach the higher level of the Monographs. 

Fourth, as the Grand Master Julie Scott explains: "Even though we understand that every student will be called when the time is right, these summaries of our sacred teachings will give prospective members a chance to have a taste of our sacred documents. This is a way to prepare them to join the Rosicrucian when the Cosmic calls."

Please note that the Imperator Christian Bernard and Grand Master Julie Scott, during Peace Profound contacts with them in the Celestial Sanctum, ensured this humble servant of our Order that "no harm can be done by these readings."

This website ( is a Call to Action. Peace Profound is inviting all selfless supporters to promote divine love in the world by becoming "Friends of the Rosicrucian" and "Friends of AMORC." Be a Friend of AMORC. Please join the selfless group of AMORC Supporters. Take a Stand Against Criticism.

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