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Williams Outdoors Expands Architectural Landscaping Business with Decking & CAMO® Edge Fastening System from National Nail


Williams Outdoors Expands Architectural Landscaping Business with Decking & CAMO® Edge Fastening System from National Nail

Williams Outdoors has selected the CAMO Edge Fastening System using the Marksman Pro for their custom luxury decks, mostly designed with high grades of wood.

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 20, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Within months of opening the doors of Williams Outdoors, Inc., Luke Williams expanded his Blue Mountains, Ontario-based landscape design-build business to include luxury decks designed with the CAMO® Edge Fastening System from National Nail.

"The market evolved right in front of our eyes," says Williams. "Nearly every customer requested decks and patios with their landscape work."

Since 2016, Williams Outdoors has built a dozen decks using the CAMO Edge Fastening System. These range from 1,200 sq. ft. waterfront entertainment areas to multitier, overlapping outdoor extensions to million-dollar homes. Many of these were designed to extend the living areas of everything from country cottages and second homes to luxury ski chalets.

"I was immediately struck by CAMO's branding and later by the quality of the system itself," said Williams. "We now have a three-man crew and that's all they use. Once they got it, the installation became a breeze with the Marksman Pro."

Working mainly with Eastern White Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Mahogany and Kebony®, Williams was immediately attracted to the simplicity of the CAMO Edge Fastening System using the Marksman Pro® and MarksmanPro –NB. The guides, proprietary screws and drill bits work equally well with virtually any decking material—composite, PVC, and most soft and hardwood species—with variations to accommodate nominal 6-inch boards as well as narrow boards.

"The ultimate goal is to build beautiful, stylish decks that last in our harsh climate, which can range from the upper 80s in the summer to -22°F in the winter with extremes buildup of snow, frost, and ice," explains Williams. "As a result, we engineer every structure to stand up to those demands under the "built for life outdoors" tagline."

In some cases, this includes building decks on hilltop slopes to maximize the available space. Even under such demanding circumstances, Williams finds the CAMO System to be the best solution.

"We've used CAMO exclusively on every deck to date, achieving secure, stable structures. Our customers love the smooth surfaces without fasteners--it's a huge selling point. Our decks not only look great but shovel easily in the winter. No scrapes or catches. The snow comes right up without any problem – another CAMO benefit." Learn more about Williams Outdoors at

About CAMO Edge Fastening
CAMO Edge Fastening from National Nail delivers beautiful, fastener-free, Barefoot Approved™ results with virtually any wood, composite or PVC decking. CAMO offers a variety of guides, fasteners, and accessories, as well as a collated system to suit project requirements. For more information or to locate a dealer, visit CAMO Fasteners or call 1-800-968-6245. Be sure to "Like" @camofasteners on Facebook and @camodeckfasteners on Instagram.


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